Is Robotic Technology Truly Taking Over?

There has been a lot in the news recently about the advancements in robotic technology with the first bionic man ever to be created! Those who have seen all of the sci-fi films will be expecting a future filled with many more robots, automated machinery and possibly even flying cars. However, is robotic technology truly going to take over in our lifetime? Let’s take a look at the facts.

It’s taken some time to get this far                                     

It has been over 50 years since the first industrial robotic technology was actually installed in a commercial environment and nearly 100 years since the word robot officially came about. During the 1970’s there was some real movement when it come to robotic technology and many of the industrial equipment such as connectors invented then are still used today. Although there was the recent news about the first bionic man there has not been a lot of movement in the robotic industry since the late 1970’s. If it has taken us that long to get this far will it take the same amount of time to create a fully operational robot human being? Or will the recent research mean that things will begin to speed up now?

thunder robot

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What makes a ‘robot’? 

You will be surprised what actually counts as robotic technology as we use so much of it in our daily lives, especially those that work in the commercial industry. Many different components make up a robot and each will have a specific task in mind. It could be that it is used to construct a car or just for the fun of having a giant toy that recognizes your commands. Each piece of robotic technology will be connected to some form of computer that gives the robot it’s tasks and tells it what it has to do next. At this current time there has been very little research into artificial intelligence which means that each robot will need to be programmed in order to know what to do. Robotic technology can have many different components depending on what they are used for including speech recognition, motors, nano tubes, industrial connectors and much more!

So, will robotic technology take over the world?


 Already many people have lost their jobs due to more and more robotic technology being used in the commercial and industrial industries. With robots being able to do what humans used to do there is already some speculation that they have begun to take over. However, it will be a long time before this technology has the intelligence anywhere close to a human being and we are still needed to program me these machines so that they know what their task is. Will we see walking, talking, intelligent machine-humans in our lifetime? It is unlikely but you never know what the future may hold!

If you are expecting some form of robotic takeover in the next few years then you may be sadly disappointed. However, with the evolution of technology currently there is no saying how quickly robotic technology can be made even more advanced. For now we can continue playing with our robotic toys without the worry that they may turn evil on us!

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