Learn to Use PHP for iPhone App Development

Did you know that you can create interactive applications for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad using PHP and SQL? These apps are called web apps which can be used in a Safari web browser. However iphone application developers need extensive knowledge about PHP, SQL and HTML. You need to know the difference between computer interface and iPhone interface.

Download and Install PHP

When it comes to running PHP commands in web file, there should be a server where files can be accessed in the PHP application. Suppose you have a website with a hosting service then you can access PHP application server and SQL. Then, before you can test your PHP files using your personal computer you need to download PHP on your computer or desktop. Furthermore, before you can install PHP on a computer that is using Windows you need to install Microsoft Internet Information Services first. If you are using Windows 7, you can access Internet Information Services in Windows Features located on the Programs Control Panel. You can download PHP for free at PHP.net.

Using SQL Database for Storing Data and Testing App

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SQL is necessary in running PHP. Data are stored and retrieved on SQL. For instance, a user filled up form on your website its contents are submitted in the SQL database. Assuming that your webhost provided your PHP then you can access SQL as well. Furthermore, your webhost will guide you in creating database for your website. You can test your app for free at MYSQL; mysql.com.

Learn to Use PHP Code

If you are using PHP code then you need to use “.php” file extension though you are using other web codes. Furthermore, you are allowed to use HTML, CSS, XML and Javascript in creating your page. However, PHP code must have “<?php” and “?>” in the page. Beginners can learn about PHP through various books on PHP or linux PHP development. Furthermore, you can watch tutorials and read guidelines and tips in working with PHP page in PHP.net

Review the PHP iPhone App over Apple iOS Devices

The moment you made a basic PHP app, you need to review it over Apple iOS devices. Since iPhones does not use mouse you will have to use touch features like touchstart and touchmove. Web apps have easier tools than iPhone. It has buttons, spell checker and menus. On the other hand, you can access explanations info, samples and tutorials at Apple’s Safari Dev Center. Assuming that you are using codes from other sites then you can verify the codes on your iPhone to know if it works with the new version of iOS.


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