Link Building Sucks .. How to Get Links Naturally and Build Great Brand

Tons of websites have been scraped out of the index, thousands of them have lost their ranking and so on. To cut the long story short, Google is having a great time with two lethal weapons in its hands – Panda and Penguin. We all know Panda was rolled out against the low quality spam sites that harbor thin content or duplicate content, but Penguin hits those sites whose back link profiles seem to be heavily gamed.

Since sites that have previously been indulged in unscrupulous link building tactics are now being nuked by Google and it has sent the whole SEO industry in a tizzy. So, are you clueless, like the rest of the other SEO professionals, as to how to promote your website in this post Panda and Penguin era? If this has been the case, here we are going to share some tips that may help you gain traction in the SERP without doing anything shoddy.

Believe in Brand: Yes, Google has shifted its attention from links only. It is now giving more attention to the brand value of a website. For say, Amazon is supposed to rank higher in a given search query because of its brand value. Now as things stand, building brand is not that easy. You need to work hard to the bone and got to do a lot many things like ethically promoting your website on social media, trying different verticals of paid advertising and going for some offline actions like banner advertising, distributing leaflets and the likes.

link building sucks

Rather than rushing after links, you should go for something big like promoting your website as a brand, like CNET, SEOmoz, SEER Interactive and believe me this is not that tough. All you need to do is to do some real life, like focusing on users’ experience, increasing conversion ratio, speeding up your website and a lot other things. So, get some quality time spent on your website rather than wasting your precious over some crappy links that are only going to get your website hurt in the end.

Link Building is not Dead: Definitely, link building is not dead. However, there is now known as Link baiting or link acquiring. You are no longer authorized to get links from domains that do not add such value to the web. Social bookmarking, directory submitting, article marketing and all other so-called traditional links-building techniques now suck. You need to go for something great. Like create a beautiful infographic and get it posted on your website. If the info-graphic looks and feels great, there are high chances that it will discover by many and they might generously give backlink to your website. This is the most ethical way to get links to your website. Create something great like a great blog post and do not make it thin for God’s sake. Try to make it as informative as possible or else you can go for some nifty tools that will be loved and adored by everyone around. The bottom-line is that you need to earn links rather than acquiring them actively.

Exact Match Anchor Text: Take it this way. If you are supposed to give a link back to SEOmoz, what anchor texts you are supposed to use? Um, I do not think, you were using something like US SEO Company or SEO Company Services US. Nope, you would use something simple like this – SEOMoz. Yes, this is the power of brand. Google knows it well. So while guest posting or asking people to write a short review about your services (man, everybody does this), do not force them to use exact anchor text that describes your services. Use of exact matched anchor texts makes it easier for Google to track you and you will then get hunted down eventually. I hope, you do not like the idea of being hunted down. So, be creative while linking, even if it is internal linking your own site.

Go For Social Promotion: Google Plus is the next generation ranking signal but being said that I am not asking you to go and promote your website heavily on social media sites. Since this is a product of Google, it will be even easier for Google to track you and hunt you down. So, do not spam this place, rather try to build real relationships with great people and befriend with them and believe me, this will be going to pay you off in the long term. Even if your website is toned by Google in the future, you will still have an option to drive traffic to your website. A viable business alternative, you might call it.


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