Link Resolutions For 2014

Link building in 2013 would be interesting. There were some of the big shakeups that other people have covered in their articles and published them on web but i will not go into that. In this article it is discussed about the resolutions for 2014.

  1. Check out your Backlink profile: If you have never made your own link report, then do so now. There are some tools that can help you to check out your backlink profile. You can consider Bing’s and Google’s webmaster tools for checking up your backlink profile.

  2. Keep an eye on your links: You should keep a constant eye on your links as the links once placed on others website by you can be removed or interchanged by those website owners. And once these links are removed, the chances of fall in rankings increases. So check out the links placed by you. Also keep a record of the sites where you place those links. This record will help you to check your links later on without any trouble.

  3. Set up Bing’s and Google’s webmaster tools. These tools are available free and take almost no time to set up. So set them for each of the site. Don’t just set up them and leave them unattended forever. They consists of some fantastic tools that can help you to analyze your sites.

  4. Stop preying with only metrics: It is not like, metrics don’t matter but that is a simplistic and an incorrect view. If a website looks like a great place in terms of your link but not much in terms of metrics, then go for it. You may not get any benefit from a site with PR4 if it is irrelevant to your site. So if you have a chance to get a link on the new blog that has some great social grip but does not have the metrics yet, then take it.

  5. Look at how your pages appear in search engine results: If you are wondering that you rank number 2 in search engine result pages but are not getting traffic, then look at the sites present above and below you. If you liked to click on them, then do something about your site. Having links on high quality sites can boost your rankings but you should make sure that when we move you up, then it is important that you should generate clicks.

  6. Ask someone to guest post on your site: Instead of asking the sites via emails, for the guest post on their sites, ask for the guest posts on your site. It is less me, me and me and a more of give and take.

  7. If you are going to have a social presence, maintain it: Nothing is more irritating than seeing a business that has not being tweeted in 15 months. So, if you are doing social, then do it well. Give response to people who speak to you, spend more time in giving back instead of just drawing their attention towards yourself. Besides this, keep an eye on what is being said about your brand. 


Author Bio :-

Guneet Singh is SEO manager of SEO RANK SMART, A Internet Marketing Company based in New Delhi, India. SEO Rank Smart is specializes in helping small, medium and larger companies with Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, Social Media and other important online marketing strategies.


  1. Emmanuel says:

    Hi Gunnet,

    A lot of course did happen in 2013 and 2014 isn’t going to be an exception. Link building is on the mind of every blogger and thanks for sharing with us some of those things which ought to be done.
    Emmanuel recently posted…How Guest Posting nearly ended my Blogging Life?My Profile

  2. Hi Gunnet,
    Thanks for providing the helpful link building strategy.Really very useful blog.

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