Lower selling trend of iPhone 5C has made Apple to recall Steve Jobs’s Verdict

Apple gadgets have become a reckoned product of this era with the booming technology and the change in outlook of the people of this generation. The huge competitiveness of brands such as the Samsung, Nokia, Apple and Blackberry amongst others in the market is a known fact. The operating systems and their flexible applications have lured the customers in variegated ways. Apple since its very inception has attained a significant place in the global arena with its most highlighted platform the i0S. Steve Jobs a more popular name in the industrial domain has been able to offer the people what is desired which meant that he was successful in meeting the expectation level of the customers. Apple kept on raising the bar and continues to be an important aspect in the world of technology even after the death of Jobs. 

The impact of Apple as a brand

Apple as a brand has an immense impact on the global market with its wide ability to showcase the assorted applications and specialized features which are considered to be the most advanced form of technology. The gadgets are almost everywhere ranging from iPods to iPads which has offered a diverse range of cool applications. Apple came into existence with the introduction of Apple 1 computer and set its strong foothold in the market with its innovative iPod in the year 2001. The gadgets manufactured by this brand have always been known for its quality, performance and competitive price. The share of the market still remains lower even though it bags huge profits.

The disappointing show by iPhone 5C

steve jobs verdict

With the lower selling trend of iPhone 5C, Apple has been bound to slash its fourth quarter orders of this model. This was a model which had its debut recently and was eyeing to gain huge profits but was unable to do so. This has certainly proved that Apple’s phones are not very competitive in the low cost Smartphone world. The 5C model possesses a plastic body and is being available in four different colors. Though it is cheap but it does not have the integrated features and applications as compared to the latest iPhone 5S. In this respect being barely cheaper than the 5S model does not justify Apple’s brand in terms of quality and identity. In the US this model of 5C without having the upgraded camera and cool features just costs $100 lesser than the more hyped 5C model. In countries such as China users are to shell out $800 for 5S and 750$ for iPhone 5C. Such strategy has backfired the company’s image which is again set to roll ahead with the new 5C model and make up for the loss incurred by the 5C model.

Steve Job’s verdict recalled 

30 years ago it was Steve Jobs who identified a problem which Apple was facing in a way where the brand focused more in terms of profit rather than focusing on the market share. Today, with the launch of iPhone 5C the same problem has been recalled which needs to be taken care so as to streamline things and move forward with a more competitive approach to have an increased customer base keeping into consideration the quality of the products that is considered to be the trademark of the brand.

The success of any brand lies in the way customers accept them and it is up to Apple now to upgrade their strategy with their new models for attracting the diverse customers worldwide and come back with a bang for which they are known for.

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