MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet Plugin

Luckily I got the opportunity five days back to download and test Subscribers Magnet, a new plugin from MaxBlogPress, rave review of which might be read or heard by you. My impartial opinion about this plug-in will guide you to buy it or not.

Firstly, Subscribers Magnet, being a WordPress plugin, had proved to be the best in preparing your email lists fast due to its unique and unusual technology. You can observe its impact and modesty in action through video at MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet Plugin.

The facilities of adding opt-in form throughout your Blog and cordially instigating the visitors to join your list are the reasons that made it one of the best. For instance it allows you to add your form to your Blog at any place: its footer bar, sidebar, in its comments and its post even.

Moreover, the look, sense, functionality and position of your forms are under your control and they respond to all the available major autoresponders including AWeber, GetResponse etc.

maxblogpress subscribers magnet plugin

The easiness to use this plug-in is the most irritating as it needs no skills for HTML coding and programming which will attract wrong users with knowledge of some software or procedure. Thus eventually its effectiveness and importance will fall.

Until this plug-in is controlled by effective bloggers it has the potentiality to really triplicate the traffic to your Blog immediately without increasing the number of visitors.

For example: if you get averagely 100 new visitors daily which provide you 5 subscribers @ 5%, you can get 15 subscribers with same traffic through this plug-in. So, you may admire this plug-in as it will help in optimizing your Blog greatly.

As the visitors click on your Blog they are automatically added to the list of subscribers on your Blog through this plug-in. Visitor’s whereabouts are not needed to be typed by them as it is done automatically.

Moreover you should not buy this plug-in if you are not able to evaluate it through this review or if you get below 10 visitors daily at your Blog or if you are not prepared to test it on your Blog.

On the contrary you can buy it because you want to quickly multiply the subscription rate to your Blog in a continuous manner, round the clock, 24/7/365 or if you have no potential to increase the subscription to your Blog and want to maximize it by putting opt-in form suitably and strategically on your Blog, easily visible to everyone.

P.S. some additional characteristics that can not found elsewhere than MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet Plugin:

1. Putting opt-in form at footer bar is preferable to add new subscriber to your Blog.

2. Pay your gratitudes in an automatic and personalized manner through email to the first-time commenter to your Blog with an invitation to join your RSS feed or newsletter. Thus you will be able to boost cordial relations with your readers amicably.

3. Else you can handle each subscriber separately by knowing which opt-in form performs better. This will allow you to receive unexpected boost to the rate of your subscribers.

P.S.S. ‘Subscribers Magnet‘ PLUGIN can be downloaded and get “Multiple Hit Strategy” with your purchase which will guide you to succeed gradually in making the lists quickly.

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