Microsoft Frontpage Templates

Microsoft’s FrontPage comes as a component of the Microsoft office package. It is easy to install like any other Microsoft product as you simply have to follow the steps in the installation wizard. Although Microsoft has stopped the development of FrontPage, it is still used by a large number of people who feel it as extremely user friendly tool.

The next important thing you need to know is the FrontPage extensions. These are a combination of programs that facilitate the direct uploading of your web pages to a server. First step is to create FrontPage templates.

Although experts feel it is one of the easiest ways to create a website, for the first time buyer, all of the codes in the web page might certainly seem to be Greek and Latin.

There certainly is an alternative to creating a template all by yourself. There are pre-made FrontPage web templates available with popular web template providers. Some of them come for free, while others have to be bought for a price. If you wish to host a FrontPage website you have three options either you create it yourself, or hire a programmer or find a ready made FrontPage template provider. Of the above three the latter is the best option as you can obtain FrontPage templates for a trivial sum which is not worth the pains involved in creating one or worth the money involved in hiring a programmer.

microsoft frontpage templates

Once you have your template ready for hosting you need a hosting account with a hosting service provider to host your FrontPage website. Use the Publish FrontPage interface to upload the web pages. After installing the FrontPage extensions on your account you can then publish your website with a click. The greatest advantage is that users of FrontPage templates avoid the cumbersome FTP clients and File managers.

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