Obligations for Bloggers to Create Interactive Blogs in the Year 2013

Blogging really becomes painful at times especially when it comes to writing about the topics which are of completely opposite interest of yours. Usually most of the bloggers are not even interested in reading news and never keep themselves updated with recent happenings taking place around the globe. But when it comes to write blogs, one makes enough efforts to explore the things which the blogger has not thought of exploring in his wildest dreams. Blogging is a new form of literature in this era so it needs improvements for the betterment. There are few rules which will be discussed to improve blogging skills which will be helpful in writing the blogs in the year 2013.

Try to Write Things Which has Never been Written by Anyone:

When you have to provide fresh content then it becomes really painful to start off with natural words. Copying old content from someone else’s site reduces the interest level of the readers to stay on the page for a long time; they suddenly switch to other sites and links where variety of unique blogs can be read. So in the upcoming year 2013, bloggers must keep in mind that the unique, fresh and attention seeking contents should be provided by them.

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Try to Mention Sources from Where Information is Collected:

blogger tips 2013

Sometimes it gets really tough for a blogger to come up with 100% original work so it is nothing wrong with using someone else’s article to seek help and building up of one’s concepts regarding literature to be written. But the blogger must give credit where it seems important. By doing this blogger himself gets respected and no one accuses him for copyright issues.

Tell Stories in your Blogs:

In order to make your articles or blogs entertaining add stories of relevancy. They can be added at the beginning, middle or in the end depending upon the skills of writing. These stories are added to clear readers’ vision regarding the topic, they actually act as examples. Sometimes stories can be fake too as the main purpose is to maintain the interest level of the readers.

Add Some Funny Lines:

Some funny lines or words can be added to make readers’ interest to a higher level as humors have the ability to uplift the moods. Sometimes readers are exhausted or frustrated due to their other issues in life so when they spend some time in surfing they should come across some entertaining articles which can give them some moments of joy.

Receive Guest Posts:

Guest blogging is becoming popular day by day and in the coming years it is believed that every website will be having a section of guest posts for sure as in this era new information is being provided via blogs. The trend of writing articles for a magazine or newspaper has become less. So when people read latest informative blogs they feel the urge to express their views as well. It becomes beneficial for the value of a website also as sometimes the host does not have the knowledge or experience to produce a quality blog so in that case there is no harm in accepting a guest post from others who does know about that particular thing.

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