Online Optimization Horrors that might be killing your chances!

Reggie, a blogger, did one of the most common mistakes while searching tips for optimizing his site. He read too many DIY articles and thought he could optimize search engine without any professional help. This started three years back. He designed and devised strategy and launched a website. He was doing well in brick and mortar part. Somehow, online counterpart was not taking off. He tried to understand the fault and went through another score of articles; but that changed nothing.

Frustrated with the misadventure he finally decided to take a bow and talked to a local SEO professional. The guy after going through Reggie’s site presented a full-scale SWOT report. We surely can’t disclose that; but wish to remind you few optimization horrors commonly stumbled onto.

1. Spurious keywords

This is a very common mistake. Keywords are keys to online search marketing. They,

1. Improve visibility of your site on search engine pages; and

2. Make first impression on your visitor

So, for perfect optimization you must address both these purposes. Top ranking in search engine is the prerequisite. However, that alone won’t make you successful; you need actual customers. So if your customers don’t follow the set of keywords you are banking on, it becomes useless. Understand what customers are typing on search engines. The closer you get the better your chances of success. So, don’t fiddle with keywords irrelevant to your customers.

2. Keyword stuffing

online optimization horror

Gone are those days, when you could pass through search engines just doctoring content with maximum amount of keywords. Search algorithms are lot clever today and. When they find you duping, they won’t even blink to purge you from their world.

Imagine, you have still managed to con search algorithm and carved out a nice momentary place on search result page. How would you manage to dupe customers? Consumers inherently don’t like too much of marketing stuff. With too many keywords you’ll just end scaring them out. So, don’t stuff keywords. Try blending them. Make them least obtrusive. That’ll equally please search algorithm and your customers.

3. Content is king

People visit your webpage expecting some kind of benefit. It could be knowledge or monetary or both. For that you need content. Content never means only written articles and web logs. They include everything you have to feed your visitors. Don’t try to feed them stale, repetitive and overused content. They will simply shun you. Could you afford that?

4. Design basics

You can spend a lot, you can retain best designer and you can get best possible bandwidth. However, that doesn’t guarantee success. For successful online business you need efficient design. What that mean?

1. Easy browsing so that people can seamlessly move around your site without getting lost.

2. Lowest latency so you don’t keep visitors waiting.

3. Cut down all possible wizardry that can flunk and look gawky at customers’ end.

So, don’t make it gorgeous. Make it cool to mingle with.

Definitely, these 4 tips are not end of the world. Successful SEO needs many other things too. However, these 4 simple errors are guiding star. They would help you to steer right on treacherous course of SEO.

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