7 Common Factors That Can Damage Your PPC Campaign

The majority of online marketers focus their efforts in pushing their PPC campaign to take a progressive step towards making their marketing campaign yield positive results. However, while it is important to enhance your efforts in marketing your business, it is as crucial to take a defensive game plan that will help you protect the progress of your PPC campaign. Taking a defensive stance against these 7 factors that can damage your PPC campaign will help you overcome the risks of taking your PPC marketing efforts down the drain that can be deleterious to your Google rank.

Failure to embrace the PPC enhanced campaign

Google has launched its Enhanced PPC Campaign system which is designed to deliver a more simplified PPC ad management and allowing advertisers to engage and reach potential customers using multiple device platforms. In order to make you ready to avoid the impact of Google PPC enhanced campaign system to your PPC campaign, you should make your PPC ads more conveniently accessible across different platforms and make some context enhancements including search location features. Subscribing to the latest PPC news will likewise help you become more updated to enhance your PPC content campaigns to boost your Google rank.

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Preparing for the PPC trend and seasonal changes

The PPC industry experiences seasonal fluctuations which your PPC campaign should be prepared to address. In order to help your campaign sustain its progressive marketing strategy, it is essential to develop a seasonal objective on how to embark on your PPC campaign within a certain period of time. You can plan for your seasonal campaign by understanding the trends and using analytics which data can help you make a prediction. Whenever you find your PPC campaign to be performing more productively, take advantage of its peak performance.

Fluctuations on various channels

There is not a single channel where you can promote your PPC campaign that universally works for every marketer. Your vigilance on how your PPC campaign is doing on a particular channel will help you identify that what you are doing is right or wrong in your PPC strategy. To protect the fluctuating performance of your campaign on various channels, closely monitor its performance and maintain a safe strategy of marketing online using organic and social approaches that seem to work on every marketing channel in helping increase a website’s Google rank.

Build your PPC campaign competitiveness

It is sometimes unpredictable when your competitors will intensify their efforts in their PPC campaign by doubling or reducing their budget. Your best defense against your competitors is to fully establish an intensified campaign by setting a threshold performance where when at a certain point your performance may lag below, it is time to double up your PPC campaign system. Using statistics like the click through rate (CTR), impression share and cost per click (CPC) data to understand your competitor’s behavior will help you gauge when you should intensify your own PPC campaign. Using a third party tool can provide you valuable data that will help you enhance your own competitive landscape in PPC marketing.

Reducing the impact of self inflicted errors

While you are greatly concerned about your competitors and other external factors that can hurt your PPC campaign, oftentimes you tend to neglect to consider that your PPC campaign’s demise may be self inflicted. It is possible that you have made some changes to your website that may cause some errors that can affect your campaign performance such as changing some codes on your website or modifying a web page. Your solution is to keep track of your changes. One way of doing this is to subscribe to the Adword alert and Google Analytics to help you review your website performance and see if it is performing as it should. It is possible that your call to action button for instance is broken and not working. This equates to a significant loss of prospect income from your PPC campaign.

Failure to perform PPC initiative

Not all of your PPC campaigns and ads will soar high in performance. It is crucial to take the initiative of constantly monitoring your Adword campaign’s performance as you will need to make some changes on your ad campaign once in a while when it does not seem to be performing well. As you make the changes, set a schedule to remind you when to check its statistics for analysis.

Safeguard against administrative errors

Whenever you try to optimize your Adword campaign, it is common to make some changes here and there. Because of these changes it is possible that you will commit a mistake at some point. To avoid this from taking a toll on your PPC campaign, set up a quality assurance process that will help you check your changes for any error.

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