Prevent Personal Information Leak When Selling Your iPhone

Now that our lives have gone mobile, we need protection for everything. Personal information is shared on a constant basis, whether it be purchasing a Starbucks coffee with a mobile barcode or checking your bank account with an iPhone app. Our lives are far from private, so it is very important to protect what it is you have. Although you may have a password on every Apple device that you use, it is important to consider what is at risk when you sell your iPhone.

Erase Your Data

With a new iPhone, iPod, and iPad being released every year, we are constantly upgrading, selling, and exchanging our Apple products. For the most part, it seems simple to delete data from an Apple device. Under “settings”, there is a button that allows you to delete all of your data from your mobile device. Although a simple click will remove your personal information, there are services that allow you to recover your information. Why? Because you might select to delete your information by accident or you may have forgot to store certain information before deleting everything. The services are great for those situations, but deadly in the wrong hands. Someone that manages to get their hands on your previous iPhone could possibly utilize one of the services to retrieve information that you assumed was deleted and gone!

Definite Delete

iphone data eraser

To eliminate the worry that comes with selling or exchanging your iPhone, there is a product called Wondershare SafeEraser. SafeEraser is a product of Wondershare that allows the consumer to completely erase all data for good! This means there is no option to retrieve deleted information in the future. What is unique about SafeEraser is the three modes that are available:

  1. Low Mode provides a quick delete of all your information. It performs a single write of zeros over the entire device, which saves you time.
  2. Medium Mode makes the delete of data unnoticeable to others. There is no traceability of data erasure by performing two passes of random data, followed by a single pass of known data over the entire iDevice.
  3. High Mode meets the DOD 5220 – 22 M standard by writing over the data 3 times. This performance even prevents a government’s state-of-art data recovery technology. It takes a little longer than the previous two, but it is the most secure data destruction available.

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