ReclaiMe File Recovery: A Powerful Data Recovery Software

ReclaiMe File Recovery is easy to use yet powerful hard drive recovery software. No technical skill is required by the user to use it as well as no decision is needed to be taken by him/her. It’s a universal recovery software capable of handling almost all kinds of file like FAT16, FAT32, HFS, NTFS, EXT2, EXT4, RAW, XFS, exFAT, ReFS etc. It is capable of deleting single as well as multiple files. Un-formatting of any hard drive can also be done through this magical software, including the processing of external and internal hard drives. It can recover data on a memory card and recovery of RAW file system drives is also done efficiently and quickly. The simplicity of this software can be understood the mere fact that it doesn’t even have a setting button.

There is an incredible option to review the data before pressing the recovery button. It will ensure that you are not only recovering the right data but saving the significant hard drive space by not recovering the irrelevant and unnecessary data. ReclaiMe File Recovery is designed to work with almost all kind of media. From Big-foot hard drives to MicroSD, all kinds of media are under the radar of this amazing software. If your disk drive is at the risk of physical or any other kind of damage due to recovery then this wonderful hard disk recovery software creates an image of the disk. This feature enables you to recover the data from your hard drive without affecting it. Moreover this process is recommended if, for any reason, you are precautions not to work directly with the drive during the recovery.

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ReclaiMe is considered to be the best data recovery software available in the market. To enjoy the powerful and stunning capabilities of ReclaiMe, you can buy a full version because the evaluation version has a limitation. This limitation is its inability to save the recovered data.

Let’s, now, understand the capabilities of ReclaiMe and know the process of recovering a photo. ReclaiMe photo recovery software is designed for extensive use by professional photographers as well as enthusiastic explorers. To recover a photo from the memory card of the camera or from the hard drive of computer, first of all you need to download and run this software. Next step is to identify the drive or memory card, to be recovered, from the device list. You can double click on the drive or card to start recovery. Since this software allows you to review the items before the recovery completes, you can select the folders or files you want to save.

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The complete video tutorial in this context given below

The technique used in data recovery combines file-system based and data based recovery methods. Combination of these methods eliminates duplicity of files recovered. In file-system based approach file dates and times are also recovered if the camera has saved them and the files are not too damaged. Moreover the size of the drive affects the total time taken for recovery and hence memory cards are processed quickly.

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