Searching For Guest Posts: Keywords And Phrases

Searching for sites to guest blog on can be incredibly time consuming. Some people may spend hours searching through countless pages on their chosen search engine and still not find a blog or website to contact. Rather than scrolling your mouse into early retirement getting your initial query in your search engine right can make all the difference to your search results.

The right term can lead you to specific websites that contain your chosen keyword, for example using your keyword + “guest blog” will find all the sites with a guest post section on the site. If you are looking to guest blog, knowing the right keywords will be the difference to getting your article published and live on the internet.

Researching your keyword is also paramount for a successful guest blog search. General terms will throw up more results but will be more general in their content. Also websites that just store articles and accept any work should be avoided as they will not be seen as relevant by search engines. Here is a list of search entries you should use to help find websites which provide guest post opportunities:

Keyword + “guest blog”
Keyword + “guest blogger”
Keyword + “guest Column”
Keyword + “guest article”
Keyword + “write for us”
Keyword + “write for me”
Keyword + “become a contributor”
Keyword + “contribute to this site”
Keyword + inurl:category/guest

It is highly recommended that you use more than one of the search term as websites may not always use the phrase guest blog.  The amount of time that you can save by using these terms is hugely significant. It allows more time for researching and writing higher quality articles which means you will be more likely to get published. The same applies for sponsored posts and directory sites if you just want to list your website.

guest post blogs

The importance of search terms is hugely important in the successful search for guest blogging and adopting this methodical approach will mean you can save time endlessly searching random websites and focus on high quality content which is sure to get your work recognized and onto the internet for the whole world to see.

As Benjamin Franklin said “time is money” and this list of keywords and search terms will do just that.

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