How to Make a Successful SEO Strategy for Affiliate Website

Affiliate Marketing has existed for almost a decade. From that period only it was a trend of designing and developing a SEO strategy for your affiliate based website. All you have to do is to choose a market and purchase a keyword- laden domain name. The subsequent step is to search for an overture keyword and choose the top 50 keywords.

The next step is to make pages with each of them containing around 400 words and after that, you should start working on your link improvement with some reciprocal linking. You can even work on some one- way linking, making an effort to get links from bookmark list that is being administered by the college students if you have finished with the task of developing your link.

Attaining a rank has become more troublesome these days especially that of an affiliate website. Development has taken place in affiliate market. The developments that have occurred are neither fundamental based nor technology based. It is strategy based. So the question is how to make a developed affiliate strategy? Despite of the topic, some of the standards remain the same but particulars changes from one website to another.

Brandable Domain Names

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You can make the use of all the sources and obtain a keyword. However, these days Google algorithm lays down more emphasis on brands. If you want to indicate the branding signals to Google that they are, looking for you should own a unique domain name.

Truly Unique Content

There is a difference between the content being conceptually unique and content being technically unique as long as it is linked with the search engine, from the user’s point of view. You should be aware of the difference between the two terms and then make use of conceptually unique content for your website.

User Generated Content (UGC)

Providing unique content that no other website contains and incorporating the service for the users to leave their comments is a step towards “values add”. Comments on the blogs are a way of attracting the users and hence developing user-based signals of the popular sites that Google appreciates. Numerous websites allows the user to have a voice. It is advisable to have at least one of them or you will ultimately lose your users, as they will move somewhere that enables them to have one of them.

Create A Point Of Difference (POD)

There is a false impression among people that Google does not appreciate affiliate websites. However, this does not hold true. Google does not like inferior quality affiliate websites that means those websites, which do not have any value-add to the user.

You will have to use some of your time for going through other websites for marketing of your own website and ponder upon certain questions like what is absent in them, what is not being offered by them, or how you can do things in a better way as compared to them. Imagine yourself as a merchant and then take care of the affiliate website. How you can stand out from others will be the means to have link building opportunities that you need for attaining a rank for your website in the search engine.

Attempting to develop a brand that facilitates important information and providing consumers with a voice that has not been done before will give you the means to develop an affiliate website that not only survive in the present search engines but also manages to thrive in them.


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