SEO Tips For Bloggers To Follow In The Year 2013

The year 2012 has almost ended and now it is going to be 2013. A lot has happened in the entire SEO industry this year with all the dances and updates of Google. These alterations in the SEO industry this year were more like the terms and regulations to which all the Internet marketers and webmasters hooked up to. These changes greatly affected a large number of sites that existed over the Web. However, to ensure you do well onwards, there are some vital projects for bloggers to following the year 2013.

Vital Tips For Bloggers To Consider in 2013

  • Increase of Social Networks

The racing as well as chasing for what Google intends to cook up happens to be extremely tiring now. So now, you need to stop focusing on the Google updates and must work hard on building your networks with your followers and readers via different social networking portals. In the year 201 it is all going to be about the social networks and media shares that are trusted by Google, that continues from year 2012. As many users have been expressing their interest in particular content and recommend that one within their network, such a post is certainly going to grab Google’s attention and is going to rank higher with the search engines too. Thus, SEO is never complete without introducing the world of social media into the portrait.

2013 seo tips

  • Boom of Social Media

There have been a large number of social media networking portals that boomed like never before in the year 2012. Some of them include LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest apart from the already popular ones such as Twitter and Facebook. Internet users have been sharing what they get to like on these sites with their contacts. A large number of businesses actually took it as a vital opportunity and started off with promotional campaigns via these social channels. in the coming year, you need to have your own strategy of distributing the content via social networks, as this is going to have a great impact in the entire SEO industry.

With continuous algorithm changes and ranking fluctuations, the best you can do here without cause any interference with these Google modifications is to always come up with valuable and good quality content. Timely and useful information presented to your readers will make a difference in the year 2013. You have to ensure that you are not posting duplicate content on your site. Moreover, research as much as you can concerning the related keywords and ensure your readers land at your site via organic searches.


People tend to ask, ‘what should be done in the year 2013 to improvise the SEO?’ The answer to this question completely varies depending on how you have worked on your site’s search engine optimization. In case, you have been providing people what they required through your blog, 2012 would have been a great year. Google would have promoted your site, if you provided competent pieces like optimal navigation and a friendly design. Nevertheless, if you have been implementing blackhat SEO practices, you need to accept this harsh reality that Google is going to penalize you and in the year 2013, you really need to work hard.


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