Serve & Manage Ad Campaigns on the Web – Who and How to Choose?

For everyone, who happens to own a business, the essentially of promoting their company appears to be absolutely indisputable. In fact, the carefully prepared advertising campaign is frequently the key aspect in attracting more users and raising the revenue.

Undoubtedly, since the current tendencies prove the higher effectiveness of Web ad campaigns, there have already been introduced numerous tools and engines, aimed at simplifying and optimizing each and every campaign, thus making it as profitable as possible.

What is peculiar about the above-mentioned engines, these are nowadays represented by versatile online ad platfroms, with the offered selection being striking both in interface solutions and functionality. In this respect, it’s possible to distinguish the so-called “oldies” and “newbies”, the latter being fresh start-ups on the market, which though have already earned decent reputation in the field.

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In particular, as for an array of “oldies”, which haven’t yet lost their popularity among users, OpenX and Doubleclick are generally considered to be the most reputable ones. Both have a long history of development and provide both the free and prepaid versions for clients, the former being rather inferior in a number of available features and opportunities. Both have got powerful servers, which enables to maintain large-scale ad campaigns, and a wide range of targeting options. At the same time, both OpenX and Doubleclick are frequently claimed to be too bulky and inconvenient in usage, in terms of real-time ad campaign management.

As for the “newbies” in online ad serving niche, like AdvertPro, Epom or AdZerk, these vary in a number of aspects as well. In particular, the essential peculiarities are related to different user interface options (UI), client support and the structure of pricing in the first place.

In this respect, all of the mentioned newly-created online ad platforms tend to offer innovative solutions, regarding their UI, all aimed at making it as simple as possible to operate. At the same time, the pricing options are majorly variable with a fixed License Cost and Yearly Support Fees (AdvertPro), or without them, as far as the user opts for a free version (Epom).

In particular, whereas AdZerk provides client support services via in-application chat, Epom managers are ready to help the users via phone, in case it’s required.

How to Find the Best Online Ad Platform?

Since, the array of current options is really impressive, the experts advice to pinpoint the core aspects, which can’t but be taken into consideration, as long as you wish to opt for the best online platform for your business.

In particular, it’s highly important to figure out, whether it’s the price, the scalability or the convenience you value most, and then pick the most balanced offer from the selection. Furthermore, it’s also essential to find out the claimedSLAof the platform to make sure that your complex ad campaign will be processed well.

As for the support services, you should select the most convenient ways to communicate with client managers, of course, but their qualification can’t be beforehand tested in the vast majority of cases, so you can only follow your instincts in this respect.

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