What Is SharePoint Templates?

Ever since the Microsoft’s Application Templates and Share Point Technologies got launched in the company of WSS 3.0, there has been a lot of media craze on the web about the whole news.

Application Templates:

The presented “Application Templates”, are ready made, innovative alternatives that can help you to start you work on your hosted website, or the web pages inside your Share Point website. These templates are applied easily to new Webpages and can be changed and manipulated just like building a Share point page from the scratch, although you don’t have to do that here.

Constructed and presented for a wide range of needs and ideas, there are scores of web templates available, from which there will surely be one that will meet your requirements right. You can just get the template and start getting your job done. For instance, let us assume that you are keen on employing the template for Managing Change Request in any of your project which has already started and is in progress. The template will use the web elements for the announcement, Projects List, Project Issues and Change Requests. This template will also have lists meant for Milestones, Risks, and Project Tasks.

Share Point pages

sharepoint templates

Share Point pages are created from website parts that are essentially construction blocks which can be included and prearranged. Thus it provides a sample of the building block it stands for, and a supplementary access to control the contents of the element without the need for Share-Point page. For instance, a library or list could be included as a building block on any hosted Share Point site. This offers not only a trouble free way of entering the library or list, but also the most up to date info contained by that library or list.

All you need to do for establishing a new template is to just follow these simple steps. First Click on “Site Actions” and then on Create. You will see a Create Page, where you should click Sites and Work spaces  which are listed under “Web Pages”. This would take you to the New SharePoint Site’s webpage. Just enter all the pertinent and essential info, such as description, URL and the website name. Under the “Application Templates” tab in the section for Template Selection, choose “Change Request Management”. Enter all the remaining permission related info that is pertinent to your website. To go to the Edit mode, Click on Site Actions and then the Edit Page. Using the “Edit Mode”, you can eliminate, insert and reorganize with the “Click and Drag” option.

This is how you do it and this is how you get the website installed and in operation. And for sure, as it was explained before, you can have complete control over parts of the website without any hassles. Whatsoever may be your plan, whether you want to add more, or remove stuff that you may no longer require, you can do it by using the steps presented here.

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