Six Reasons Your Guest Post Was Rejected (That Weren’t Your Fault)

Nobody ever said that guest posting on other peoples blogs was going to be easy. Few people mentioned how much rejection was to be expected either however. You craft what you consider to be a killer piece of content, offer it completely free of charge to a blogger that you respect and he responds stating that he is unwilling to pay the sum of zero for what you created.

What happened, what went wrong? Is your content really worth less than nothing?

The good news is that provided you were rejected by the owner of a particularly popular blog, there’s not necessarily anything wrong with your content. The problem is one of competition i.e. there’s just too much of it. When you are applying for a guest post spot and you are doing so at the same time as fifty other people, there are many minor details that can easily spell rejection even for the most talented writers. Here are six of the most common.

The Competition Made it Easier

Blog owners, even those on the highly productive end of the scale, don’t like additional work. When one guest post includes beautiful images, perfect keyword densities and internal links already added, that guest post is going to look incredibly attractive. If what you submit does not include such extras, you are always going to be at a major disadvantage. Therefore rather than giving your competition a significant head start, focus on more than just great words when looking for a guest post spot.

You Lied When You Said You Love His Blog

guest post rejected

Even if what you submit is hovering around perfection, if a similar post was published the week before, your post is simply not going to be accepted. Such a post, despite it’s high quality, is simply of no use to the blog owner. It’s also worth noting that when you submit a post on a topic that was recently covered, you are demonstrating how little you know about the blog in question.

Right Post for the Wrong Blog

Most people aren’t stupid enough to attempt to guest post for a tech blog with an article about cats but many people do fail to correctly define a blogs scope when applying for guest post spots. For example, not all tech blogs cover both hardware and software. This is another reason why it is essential for you to actually read a blog before applying to guest post on it. It’s also an example of how much time can be saved by pitching a post idea to a blogger before you actually write it.

Right Post for the Wrong Audience

Who reads the blog in question? Do they know a lot about the subject or are they beginners? What abbreviations are they likely to understand and which ones are going to do nothing but irritate them? These are all questions that the blog owner has already answered and they are questions that you are going to have to answer too. If what you wrote is just going to confuse the blogs target audience, it is never going to be published.

Failure to Meet Formatting Standards

Some bloggers are a little messy. They might be popular, what they write might be clever and they might know more words than you or I, but they tend to format their posts while drunk. While this certainly works on some blogs, when it comes to guest posting, certain formatting standards are expected to be met. A messy, unprofessional looking guest post is never going to be published on a high quality blog. This means that small paragraphs, sub headings and bullet points are anything but optional.

You Broke the Rules

Finally, when bloggers list rules for guest bloggers to follow, they actually expect you to follow them. It doesn’t matter if you disagree with them or if you simply forgot to read them, when you break them, you don’t get published. Even if what you submit is otherwise perfect, most bloggers will take is as a sign of disrespect/laziness that you didn’t follow the few simple instructions provided.

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