Different Methods of Charging Your Smartphone

I’m sure all you smartphone owners have experienced hearing that unfortunate sound of impending doom: the battery low indicator notification. It sounds even worse if it goes off at a bad time, like when you’re on the go and need to make that important call, send that business email or even that text message saying you won’t be able to go. The bad news is current smartphone technology has done little to extend the terribly disappointing battery life of your mobile device; but the good news is there are a few methods, aside from the standard charger, that can give life to your handheld connection to the world.

  • Via Computer USB port

Smartphones charged through a computer via USB 2.0 port uses a maximum current of 0.5A, giving a much slower charging time compared to using an electrical outlet. The lower current results to around double the charging time. The USB 3.0 provides a higher current, which is at 0.9A. It may be larger than the USB 2.0, but still has a slower charging time compared to the 1A standard charger.

  • Portable Chargers: For People On-the-Go 

For smartphone users who spend most of their time outdoors, investing on a portable battery pack is the way to go. These convenient power banks are ideal for users who don’t have easy access to electrical power outlets, because they can be taken anywhere and provide enough juice to at least fully charge mobile phones.

smartphone charging tips

You can purchase a portable charger with a capacity of 6,000mAh, which is enough to fully charge an iPhone 5 five times over or a Galaxy S3 three times over. This is ideal for an outdoor weekend getaway or a nice trip to a music festival.

  • Wireless Charging 

This is a technology that is looking to revolutionize the way we power our smartphones. Charging happens wirelessly—sans cables—by placing your smartphone on a charging mat. It makes use of electromagnetic induction that is similar to how electric toothbrushes function.

  • Hip Charging Through a T-Shirt 

Scientists have found novel and unorthodox ways to charge smartphones. A new technology invented lets you charge using a standard cotton t-shirt by soaking it in a fluoride solution, letting it dry and baking it in a high temperature, oxygen-deprived oven. This turns the cotton fibers into activated carbon, which is basically a capacitor that can charge mobile devices. It is an inexpensive, environmentally safe and hip way to charge your smartphone.

  • Using Urine 

Bristol Robotics Laboratory scientists have developed a way to charge mobile devices using urine as a power source. It works by having urine pass through Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC)—an energy converter that turns organic matter into electricity via metabolism of live microorganisms—and power smartphones. The technology is currently still in development to increase the energy output and store it in capacitors.

Always remember to keep your smartphone battery healthy by charging it the right way. Use the right charger and make sure to charge it on a regular basis to maintain good battery health.

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