Social Media: A Beginner’s Guide

This article is intended to be a guide to Social Media and everything that Social Media encompasses including blogs, social networks and forums etc. It is written in order to guide the newcomers and even the experienced users about the new emerged world “social media”. Social media is a mean through which users can connect and communicate with each other by using the technologies and newly developed applications.

Platform for business:

Social media is not only used for communication between friends and colleagues, in fact it has raised awareness and now people mainly use it to benefit their business. A properly approached technique can help in constructing a reliable relation among the consumers and the company. Nowadays users are more inclined towards using social media as a path in gaining their goals rather than using it for entertainment or connecting with friends and relatives. Constructing a network of your business on social media provides you with ample opportunities of potentially reaching wide range of consumers many of which might have been unapproachable without social media. Social media precisely include applications like Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc. the profiles acts as a portfolio of your business and it can help in achieving the targets set by the company, increasing awareness of the brand, and drawing more visitors.

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money saving tips

Starbucks has set an example of using social media effectively and in a great way. it developed a website that was particularly designed to deal with the customer’s suggestions regarding their services. A user simply have to visit the website and suggest them any approach through which the services could improve. The registered users would then vote for their favorite suggestions and then the Starbuck team would put up the most liked idea on their constructed blog and the way they would improve or bring in the change that is most liked. In this way Starbucks introduced the use of website and blog, and also encouraged customers to exchange their ideas by using technologies.

Social Media Forms:

The main form of social media includes blogs, communities, internet forums, social networks and micro-blogging. The most commonly used and well known form of social media is blogs. Blogs provides users with the most frequently updated information and give them an opportunity to interact with other users through their comments. Online discussion is also a form of social media, their technique includes forums and communities that allows user to discuss and share their opinions with experienced people and engage newcomers in learning their interests. Micro blogging is also a form through which not only content is shared but video, picture and audio sharing is done.

Future of Social Media:

It is expected that social media is not going to disappear any time soon. The growth and monetary gained through social media is beyond imaginations and it’s not easy to ignore it. The businesses that are taking advantage of social media are earning more as compared to those that are shielding and neglecting social media.

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