Social Media for Businesses: What to Use, and How to Use It

In today’s online society, it can be hard to keep up with the social media trends. People jump from site to site with no warning, and giving them exactly what they want is difficult. The tumult of over-exposure versus virtual invisibility can be confusing, and knowing what to do seems impossible.

Luckily, each site tends to specialize in something, whether it is images, conversation, videos, or profiles. This way, you can formulate a plan of attack to dominate the web waves with your business, gain new customers, spread the word about your services and products, and become more successful in the world.

First, it is important to know what sites are the most popular, and what the best ways are to use them. We have put together the top 5 social media sites in a list and detail the best ways to implement the technology.

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One of the world’s most popular and most heavily trafficked sites, Facebook casts one of the most widely spread nets. Creating a page for your business is not enough on this social behemoth. You must actively update your page in order to gain the most “likes” and remain on users’ newsfeeds.

Because of the widespread and overarching use of the site, you can employ the use of images, blog posts, articles, polls, contests, and conversations to get the word out about your company. All of these things have a place on your page, and you should put something new up at least every other day. This way, there is always something new and interactive on your fans’ newsfeeds. Offer many opportunities for fans to share their opinions in comments and polls. Host contests where users can win things. Post updates about whatever’s new with your company.

Post articles from your business, and ones that are pertinent to what you do. Friends can share those, and the fact that they read the articles will show up on their newsfeeds. Their friends will then see the articles, and be tempted to read them as well. You can reach so many people this way.

There is an almost endless array of options for Facebook users to utilize to promote themselves. Take advantage of that.


Twitter has millions of users, and celebrities have made ample use of the quick update feature, sharing their lives in 140 characters or less. While the celebs may use Twitter for feuds or gossip, you can devote those limited characters to promoting yourself and your business.

It is easier to share your business in 140-character blurbs than you think. The small posts force you to pick and choose your words, and compel you to be as witty as possible, so your tweets stand out.  You won’t lose readers’ attention by going on too long about something boring, and you can capture “moments” of business more easily.

The best part of Twitter is the encouragement to share everything. You can ask a question and get thousands of answers, from people all over the world. Start a conversation about a feature of business you aren’t sure of, and you’ll get responses. People can retweet things you say, reaching even farther than your follower base. There is infinite potential to reach the globe.

It doesn’t take much attention to read tweets. Make use of that and say something meaningful people will share.


Photography has become increasingly popular, with quality cameras falling in price and rising in availability. Instagram has swept the country, and millions now use the editing technology. People have taken to Pinterest in droves to create boards of things they are interested in.

Make your business get noticed by sharing bright and eye-catching images of what you do. You can do this in many ways. For example, host a contest where Pinterest users can sketch or create their own version of your logo and submit it. Post them on your boards, and users can share those logos. Your name and business gets out there in a fun and creative way. Since Pinterest is mainly an image-sharing site, make sure you post funny and interesting things for users to share.

Make sure that each image you post is “theme-able,” or that they will fit snugly in with things people have already posted.


Youtube hosts millions of videos, with just as many people watching daily. From music videos to vlog (video blog) posts to short movies, you can find almost anything on Youtube.

Make good use of this widespread video sharing by posting video ads. Film and edit clever ads promoting your company, the funnier the better, and keep track of comments made. You can see how many people view your video, and people can “like” or “dislike” it. Users can comment on the quality and content of the video, allowing you to adjust the next one you make to be more popular and reach more viewers. You can also make more serious videos, if that fits the tone of your company and business better.

Harnessing the popularity of Youtube can be an important step in reaching out to potential customers. Making people laugh or care means making people share. Your video can get posted to various social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter. This reaches the many millions of people not on Youtube.


Complete your quest for social global domination by signing each and every member of your company up for LinkedIn. This social networking site may not be as fun as Youtube, as witty as Twitter, or as shareable as Facebook, but this is a great way customers can get to know you and your employees.

Sometimes, seeing the faces of a company makes it more real to people, more concrete and relatable. They see you as more than your products or services, and more as a company of people they can talk to and buy from. They can contact you directly, and see what your experience is and what you are all about.

LinkedIn gives customers something tangible to see and reach out to. Give them the chance to see the actual faces of your company.

Extra Tips

  • Social media sites rise and fall every day. For example, MySpace has fallen out of favor, while Facebook is all the rage right now. Make sure that, should you “move” to another site, you tell your followers/friends/what-have-you. Starting at least a month in advance, post once a week that you are “moving” and include the new link. Once the move date gets closer, post every day. Don’t let people lose you!
  • There are a lot of social media sites out there. Use social media tools to easily create, target, and direct content at users. You can quickly publish your content to every one of your social networks instantly, without worrying about missing a profile. Keep track of what you post more easily. These tools can be indispensable.
  • Remember to write for the customers! Give them something to relate to, repost, and most importantly, enjoy! This is all for them. It’s a conversation with them; never allow dull content to make it to your customers. Devote enough time and effort to your content.

Follow these guidelines, and you can take over the world with your business. Extend your reach and influence around the world with a few simple social media profiles. It is well worth the time and effort it takes to create and monitor content.


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