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For the professional photographer, Sony cameras are up there along with Canon, Nikon, and other popular companies. With each new upgrade and improvement, photographers pounce on the new technology and waste no time trying it out and giving very opinionated reviews. A Sony camera forum  can be extremely helpful in providing a clear, unbiased opinion on the new technology. The reviews may vary greatly and be numerous, but they help guide users before spending money on expensive new gadgets.

In the middle of 2010 Sony made waves with their new series of NEX cameras. This camera revolutionized the industry, offering a pint sized camera so small that it doesn’t include in-body image stabilization units, like Sony’s SLR cameras. The NEX cameras come under Sony’s popular Alpha brand, with a different electronic mount, dubbed the E-mount. The NEX cameras have metal-bodied kit lenses, and a full user guide built into the camera, other than Sony’s standard option for a description of each selected option.

Sony’s NEX cameras first came out in two versions, the NEX-3 and NEX-5. Although they are very similar there are some differences. The NEX-3 has a wider and flatter grip, and is not built of magnesium alloy. The pricier NEX-5 Sony Alpha camera does have a sturdy magnesium alloy construction, and features a more ergonomically pleasing grip that is narrower and thicker.

The newest camera in the NEX collection (after the NEX-5N) is the NEX-7. Production of the new NEX-7 was halted due to flooding in Thailand in October. Sony has recently announced that they will now be shipping preordered NEX-7 cameras and other models that were affected by the delay.

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A new development in this collection is the release of a lens by Tamron that is compatible with the Sony Alpha NEX series. This is the first time that a third-party manufacturer is offering an autofocus lens for a mirrorless camera system. Sony forums have seen a flood of responses to this news. Members and administrators of the forums state that the new lens will have many excellent features that are compatible with NEX cameras, at a lower price.

Tamron’s new E-mount lens comes in two colors, silver and black, and uses a stepping motor designed specifically to work with contrast-detection AF. It offers an image-stabilized 27-300mm equivalent field-of-view, as opposed to Sony’s 18-200mm. Perhaps the most striking feature of the new lens is its streamlined design with Sony’s NEX cameras, being extremely lightweight. It also has Tamron’s signature vibration compensation and striking appearance of the NEX metal-based design. The small size allows users to easily shoot across the whole range, from wide angle to full telephoto, with just one compact lens.

Whenever a revolutionary new product such as this comes out, photography lovers flood the forums in search of the latest info and opinions from the experts. It is important to visit tried and true Sony camera forums in order to receive the most accurate and knowledgeable information about new technology.

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