T-shirts for you and me

T-shirts are the most widespread outfit today from newborns to the elderly. They can be worn up, worn down, tucked in, tucked out, worn to work or even worn at home while awake or asleep. T-shirts have become the most comfortable and affordable comparing with other type of clothing, which is why it needs to look unique to stand yourself out.

T-shirt design ideas are all over the web today but they are all trapped in the traditional concept of printing within a limited rectangular area. Living in an advanced world today, don’t you think that the clothing should look advanced as well? An exceptional t-shirt would always be prominent among the ordinary ones.

What do you think of a 3D print t-shirt? A 3D printed t-shirt that enables you to see the image from every angle. It may sound impossible but it sure has been made possible by Photo2Fashion. What is best about it is that you are able to create the image of your choice all over the t-shirt. Even on the sleeves, seams and armpits.


This concept is put into practice through the online 3D t-shirt design software of Photo2Fashions. You can create your own t-shirt print with your own preferred image with this new technology. You can have an image of your choice for the front section and even another for the behind. All you need to do is to feed in the image to the software and follow the instructions. You can also have a look at the cool t-shirt design ideas, which are already available as funny t-shirts, creative t-shirts, photo t-shirts and special t-shirt gift categories.

The t-shirts that are utilized for this purpose are 100% cotton jersey knit fabric with 190 grams per square meter, which makes you feel cool and look cool too. You are given the opportunity to select the right kind of size for yourself from small to pluses. But how do you find the correct size? You can follow the tips below to be absolutely sure you order the correct size when you are ordering the t-shirts online.

  • Get yourself an existing t-shirt that fits well.
  • Lay it flat on the table
  • Measure its width at chest height (that is the width just below the arm pits)
  • Look up the size in the size table.
  • Click the right size to start to design your t-shirt.

The superiority of the 3D designed t-shirt is that the print is made available on the entire t-shirt and not part of it. This concept is full color all over the t-shirt, which is why it is named as custom all over t-shirt printing.

These soft, comfortable t-shirts with the right kind of stretch can be washed normally at 30 C and it will not have any impact on the print. The quality of the t-shirt and the print is inspected and guaranteed by Photo2Fashion and it is time to be comfortable and fashionable with these cool t-shirts for men women.

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