The Different Coverings For Different Materials

Where wall paint is concerned, very little matters beyond the color and whether it is Matt or gloss. For floor paint, however, much more needs to be taken into account.

Firstly, the floor material needs to be considered and the appropriate paint bought. If you’re going to paint an external asphalt floor, you will need a different type of paint to someone looking to paint a concrete or wooden floor indoors. By purchasing the right type of paint, you can guarantee the finish will be the best it can be and will last a sufficient amount of time before fading or wearing out.

Concrete paint is usually slightly glossing, giving the effect of looking like a tiled floor. In doing so, it will allow for the easy removal of dirt, dust, oil and grease, whilst still being hard wearing and oil resistant. Matt concrete paint is an option, however, and is most typically used for flawed or uneven surfaces as it hides the imperfections, whereas a glossy finish would only draw attention to them.

floor materials

As it is often used in factories, schools and offices, concrete paint comes in a variety of colours, allowing for a finished look that is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

For asphalt, a slightly different approach is needed. Because asphalt is usually outside, the paint coverings need to be extremely UV and weather resistant. Using a different type of paint to those specifically designed for asphalt would mean they will fade quickly in the sunlight and not hold for as long.

For durability purposes, asphalt paint is usually quite flexible, allowing it to bend with the material it is painted on to during temperature fluctuations or weight applications. This way, the paint then returns to its usual state unchanged and without any sign of cracks or fissures.

Finally, wood needs a coating that will penetrate deep into the material and not just sit on top. Wood oils and varnishes will do this job well but for floors will need to be much more durable than their furniture-orientated counterparts sold in some hardware shops.

A hard wearing oil will not only protect the wood from scuffing but can also provide a finish of many different colours and produce a deep, satin-like sheen.

Different surfaces, of course, all require different paints, coats and oils to ensure the best-looking and longest-lasting finish, so doing a little research will take little time but offer a solution that lasts for much longer.

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