The Momentum Swings for MegaUpload Founder DotCom

The founder of MegaUpload Kim DotCom was charged with criminal copyright violations, money laundering and wire fraud by the United States. MegaUpload was a much-used cloud storage locker which allows users to keep their files for other people to download. There were around seven company managers as well as DotCom who were charged with these violations while the defendants denied any form of wrongdoing on their part.DotCom was still locked in jail even up to a month after he has been arrested.
All of his assets were seized and family members were kicked out of his own house. In between this time, the MegaUpload defendants including DotCom have started winning a streak of court decisions in New Zealand which were in their favor and have led to their bail. This has allowed them to be released, repossessing some of their confiscated assets and let them have a court order which requires the FBI to present evidence that it has against this company.January 29 is the date where the lawyers of MegaUpload defendants will appear in the Virginia federal court to go against the charges and that they should be tossed away. Most of the momentum will be with these defenders as the case has a lot in store for them.
The defendants including DotCom could face 20 years in jail sentence if the charges were applied to them. If they were able to walk away with this, the government of the United States including the current President Barack Obama could be an embarrassing event for them.On the side of the MegaUpload defenders, they are feeling quite confident for many reasons. This is because they are not only making headway in the court of law, but DotCom has also been swaying the public to side on his case, reaching even over the high speed Internet. The growing celebrity status of DotCom is also being used as a means to challenge his image as a scoundrel and pirate.

The indictment that was made against DotCom was read by the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia which stated that users in MegaUpload were encouraged to share pirated files with other people meanwhile making DotCom a rich man. When his arrest was made, news reports were shortly filed to show images of his $30 million mansion including his pink Cadillac which was being towed away by New Zealand Police. The United States government gave a total of $500 million which was stated that MegaUpload owes this amount to Hollywood studios and other copyright owners for their actions.

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