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You might have heard of, if you reside in India and interested in viewing TV programs. You can find a number of ads, most of which are funny, suggesting you to sell your belongings online without any charges. This website invites you to sell your things, not needed by you, through this online source without wandering in search of buyers.

Introduction to invites you to advertise your things in a classified or sorted manner through its website for the people needing to buy them at very reasonable price. You can sell any of your belonging like your laptop, car, furniture, cellphone and any other similar product through this website in a very hassle free manner. You only have to list your product with by registering on it to find an interested buyer for it.

Procedure to use

OLX India

Allowing you to sell or buy anything of your interest in a very simple and hassle free manner is the main aim of You will have to register with the company to list your products on this classified website. Listing of your products can be made by clicking on the button ‘Post a Free Ad’ that allows you to visit another page where you can upload the picture of your products you want to sell through it alongwith complete information about them. Though photos of the products are not mandatory but they will attract more people who need to buy similar products at reasonable price. You work for selling your products will be completed with these simple but necessary steps. Now it is the turn of to make efforts to make your deal successful.

Features of

Some of the features of  that help in your successful deal include:

  • You can design colorful videos or/and photos of your products on this website
  • It allows you to sell, buy or communicate with the community for this purpose
  • The compatibility of the website to mobile phones allows you to visit the website from anywhere
  • You can also use your social networking profile with MySpace, FaceBook etc. to display the ads of your products through this website
  • also allows you to view ads in a number of other languages if you are not comfortable with English.
  • Products on this website are classified into various categories to allow you to search through them to select the product of your choice, as buyer.

Scope of trading through being an international company allows you to sell your products all over the world. Most of the Indians using internet for selling or buying some products do not rely on Indian companies for various reasons. Initially the company was inaugurated in 2006 in Argentina and today it is dealing through its numerous offices in more than 95 countries including New York, Sao Paolo, Beijing, Moscow, Buenos Aires and Mumbai.

More videos provided on company’s website can help you in knowing about the procedure of selling products through

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