Tips And Ideas For The Creation Of Personalised Photo Souvenirs

Items such as mugs, pens, calendars and t-shirts can turn into special souvenirs through the addition of a beautiful and meaningful photo. Personalized mugs are a wonderful gift, a reminder of a special occasion. Today, creating personalised mugs has become easier than ever. You simply need to follow a series of basic steps. 

Choose the Right App for Your Phone

Your iPhone is equipped with good lenses, which will result in the taking of high quality photos. These photos can easily be used for the creation of personalized mugs. You simply need to get the right iPhone app.

Personalized Mugs is an application that speeds up and facilitates the process of photo mug creation. Take a photo of your baby, a party or anything else of emotional significance to you.  The iPhone app comes with an editor that allows for the modification of pictures and the addition of special effects.

There are several possibilities for the design of the mug. A single photo can be placed on the side or you can choose the full-wrap effect. Alternatively, you can add two photos or a picture and text to the side of the mug.

Once the project is completed, you will simply submit it for printing onto a high quality mug. The payment for the souvenir is made through your iPhone and orders placed before 2pm are processed and dispatched during the same day. The mug will be delivered during the next day to an address that you specify in the order.

A Few Additional Tips and Ideas

photo mugs

iPhone apps have really simplified the process of creating personalized items. To achieve excellent results, you will have to spend some time on the selection of the best picture and on editing it correctly. Full-wrap mugs are best for landscape photos and photos that contain a number of different elements. 

It is a good idea to add a text message as well. Saying something to the people that the gift is intended for will make the souvenir even more special. It could be a wish, an insider’s joke or a personal statement. Take some time to think about it and make it meaningful.

When you get the idea, take several different photos and try tweaking or adjusting them using the  editor facility. Slight variations in the picture could result in the production of a more attractive mug.

People love personalized souvenirs. Do you want to make your friends and relatives happy? You need a great idea and a high quality iPhone app to achieve professional results. All you have to do is simply come up with a creative concept and send the photo/s off to be professionally transferred onto a personalized souvenir mug.

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