Tips for Using Twitter in Marketing

Social media is used more and more often in the world of marketing, maybe because it’s a “micro-blogging” tool that allows you to post short updates about your site or company. 

It can be considered the missing piece between instant messaging and a chat room because only the people that you connect with will be able to see your posts, which by the way, are indeed very short (maximum 140 characters). Let’s see how you can get something useful out of it.

Stay in Touch with Marketers and Customers

You can keep in touch with marketers who post on their blogs something that is truly worth reading. By clicking the “follow” button you will get an insight on their comments and thoughts and even engage in conversations, maybe ask for opinions.

Twitter has a search engine, which allows you to check out what other people tweet about your company. Some of them will be happy with your service, and some will not. Don’t be disappointed. Answer them back, you can even follow your customers. They’ll be pretty happy to see that you are showing interest in their opinions.

twitter marketing uses

However, don’t simply click follow and then do nothing. Have a genuine interest in what they are saying about your firm. If somebody’s comments about your company are negative, ask him about his views on improving the service. Also, if they’re leaving positive feedback for your company, let them know you noticed.

Promote Your Special Offers

Twitter is great when it comes to announcing special deals or sales. You distribute information instantly to a large audience and it’s not considered spam because people can opt out anytime by clicking “unfollow”. Don’t pressure them to buy anything. Nobody wants to keep hearing “buy that, buy this”. Simply present them the facts and how they could benefit from your offer. Do you have huge discounts coming up? Let people know.

Moreover, if you have an online website, make sure that they know all the latest updates. Use keyword rich phrases and this way you will also improve your rankings.

Still, keep in mind not to tweet only about how good your products are. From time to time, you can share links to blog posts or book reviews that caught your eye and are of true value for people. It may be in your niche, or it may simply be something like “quote of the day” or “funniest joke of the week”. This helps a lot to maintain your followers.

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