Tips To Speed Up Slow Internet Connection

The slow and time-consuming Internet could be extremely annoying if you are doing your work on the Internet. To work seamlessly over the Internet, following are some of the tweaks with which you could actually improve your Internet connection.

1. Test Internet Speed Regularly

The main problem about broadband is that it is so widely used in all fields, and hence it often fails to provide fast Internet facility for the home users. Downloading files or streaming videos over broadband could take absolutely ages. This loading time could vary from a few seconds to minutes.

Testing speed regularly helps you to analyze the connection problems and you could instantly contact your ISP if there is any problem with your Internet connection. You can even check your Internet speed online with the help of online speed testing applications.

2. Replace your modem/router

slow internet connection

Usually, the modems or routers of a particular ISP are locked for that ISP only. So, you cannot perform any kind of tweaks and settings with locked modem or routers. If you find any difficulty with the modem or router, simply change it or replace it. You can ask for your ISP to give a new modem or buy unlocked modems.

If you’re a 3G user, try later unlocked modems that have higher bandwidth and transfer rates.  However, wireless modems or routers often show poor signal problems, it will be worth to use an extension aerial. Almost all of the latest 3G modems come with built-in plug for antenna, so setting up an aerial is a task of just few seconds.

3. Replacing Filter

If you are using ADSL or ADSL2+, you most probably depend on old crumbly copper lines fitted outside the home. In such cases, you can’t do anything instead of complaining to the ISP. You can improve the signal quality in your home with the help of filters. However, filters also wear down over time and this could lead to additional resistance for the signal and affects the ADSL synchronization speed. Make sure that your filter is undamaged, or otherwise replace it.

4. Stop the Network Sucking Applications

Have you installed a number of internet using apps like Skype, torrents, automatic updating of antivirus application? Good! But there’s a little problem. All these applications tend to load at the PC startup and use up a huge part of connection while running in the background. Check which specific application loads at startup and purge out any unwanted online services. You could increase the speed as most part of the connection will be used by your own tasks.

5. Don’t be scared to call the ISP

If you are using ADSL2+ connection and you are still getting low transfer rates, it’s time to contact your ISP in order to resolve this problem. The slow connection problem can occur due to weather problem or service works. If you are facing any network drop out trouble, you might have to call for a technician to check out your outside connection lines. Normally, most of ISP will not charge you for service repairs.

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