Top 10 Android Applications

Apple used to have a monopoly on smart phones with their creation of the iPhone. But these days, people want a little more variety with a little lower price. That is why the open source of the Android has led to thousands of new apps. The high multitude of apps all with varying functions makes this list hard to pin down. To make deciding the top ten Android applications simpler, this list is split up into two parts: 5 game apps and 5 function apps.

First, the Android games. If you love taking a break or relaxing with your Android then this is the list for you. Although this list does not brand the best inventions—Angry Birds is just an adoption from Apple and Plants vs. Zombies is nothing more than a castle defense game—these games are still very important. They top the list of the most downloaded and searched for applications and their addiction and enjoyment is hard to ignore.

  1. Angry Birds – This application started for the iPhone and has worked its way onto the Android as one of the top downloaded applications. Unless you have lived under a rock for the last few years, you have heard of this game but the new birds and levels keep it just as interesting as it was a few years back.
  2. Plants vs. Zombies – A castle defense game where you protect your brains against waves of zombies by building a garden defense.
  3. Fruit Ninja – This game is as simple as cutting fruit. Arcade packs high intensity but if you need to relax try the Zen mode where slicing fruit is sometimes just the release you need.
  4. Doodle Jump – Another simple game where you try to jump your character up platforms to reach an all-time high. Simple, but addicting none the less.
  5. Cut the Rope – Perhaps one of the less heard of games for the Android. This newer game provides a cute balance of fun and problem solving while you cut ropes to swing candy into your new pet’s mouth.
  6. 10 android applications
  7. Now if games are not your style and you try to use the Android for work or function instead of a glorified Gameboy then try out this set of 5 applications that combine ease and function with just enough entertainment to still keep things fun.
  1. Google Maps – What use is a smart phone without a maps application? And this is one of the best navigation systems on the market that allows finding directions to tracking down restaurants or even figuring out where you are with the locate-yourself button.
  2. Dolphin Browser – A new browser for the Android that offers an incredibly fast connection and an efficient style. It has expected surfing tricks like bookmarks and multiple tabs but it also adds gesture-based navigation and add-ons that make it well worth downloading.
  3. Sound Hound – If Pandora and Shazam had a child, this app would be it. It offers up the qualities of both of the original music apps but does it better. A highlighting feature is that it also allows you to hum a tune for recognition, which cuts down on getting that one song stuck on the tip of your tongue.
  4. Lookout Mobile – Safety first. With so much personal information on phones these days it is important to stay protected. This is why Lookout Mobile is in the top ten. Not only does it let you wipe clean or sync your data if you lose your phone but it also blocks viruses and malware and backs up contacts all while running hidden away in the background.
  5. ASTRO File Manager – The last on the list is a computer style file manager that helps you navigate and organize your information. It also backs up applications, has a task killer, and much more.

So weather you like games of prefer functionality try out some of these applications if you haven’t already. They have a knack of making your life easy, or at least fun.


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