Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins for Your Blog

Blogging! Is a great way to share and gain knowledge. It is a great way for individualism, self-countenance, and promotion. It acts as a medium for communication. WordPress blog sites have grown tremendously in the recent years because of the stress-free blogging options they offer. If securing our belongings is inevitable, then securing all our valuable information in blogs from malware, spammers, and hackers is of paramount importance too.

This rule holds good for all blogs, and WordPress is not an exception. Many people show interest in creating blogs on WordPress as it offers tons of benefits. When your blog becomes big and popular, you need to be in a position to control the security-related threats to stay in the online for a longer period. But, most bloggers fail to secure their blogs. However, some act smart, by using WordPress security plugins. You can just leave all these security issues to WordPress security plugins as it has the ability to secure your blog site formidably.

Today I have come up with some interesting and useful WordPress security plugins which would help the bloggers to keep their blogs more safely. Here, below I’m listing you a few WordPress plugins for your blogs.

WordPress Security Scan Plugin

It is a free WordPress security plugin that helps you to secure your blog from various vulnerabilities using its features. Some of its features are File pass word or permissions, Data base security, etc.

wordpress security scan plugin


WordPress Database backup

As the name implies, it provides a complete backup for your database. By using this you can easily have a wordpress DB tables and also, save other tables in the same Database without any fuzz.


Antivirus for WordPress

It serves us polyglot support. WordPress sites are also susceptible to viruses and malware. For this problem, it comes as a complete solution. This plugin easily blocks the viruses, malware, etc.

antivirus for wordpress

WordPress Safer Admin Plugin

The WordPress security plugin keeps your admin panel absolutely secure. None other than the owner is shared with the admin details. This helps your site to refrain from unnecessary logins.


Admin SSL

The plugin forces SSL on all pages where passwords can be entered and it can work with both private and shared SSL. It secures your login page, admin page, posts, etc.


Invisible Defender

This acts as an invisible plugin and it is based on CSS. This plugin protects login, comment forms. This plugin defends the site from SpamBOTS doorway. Many SpamBOTS fill the common WordPress login, but the two extra forms provided by this plugin cannot be filled by BOTS. Thus it acts as an security for a wordpress blog or site.

invisible defender


Login LockDown WordPress Security

This plugin prevents from unauthorized login. Login LockDown records the IP address and time spam of every failed WordPress login. It gives a certain number of attempts to the user, if the number exceeds, then the user cannot login to the site for a periodic time.


Contact Form 7

It can manage multiple contact forms for your site. You can customize the content and mail flexibly.

Contact Form 7


Theme Authenticity Checker

As the name goes, it searches the source files of every installed themes of malicious code. If any bad content is found, then Theme Authenticity checker displays the path to the theme file.

theme authenticity checker



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