Top 5 Alternatives to AdSense

Magazines, newspapers and all other primitive carriers of advertisements do not have interaction with viewers. The trend now is to advertise online by posting banners which link to landing pages or pages which feature your products, services and other offerings. The next thing is to have interested buyers to purchase the deal by having them click on the call-to-action buttons existing on your website. These all can be achieved by having ads at the beginning and/or end of the search engine page results, blogs and websites.

The most popular among online advertisements is Google AdSense. This enables both the advertisers and the marketers to reach out to their target audiences through related contents found in online pages.For instance, a user enters “Insomnia Treatment” in Google and finds a box of AdSense which highlights the best and most affordable Company A offers. If the description of the ad is catchy enough to the user, before clicking the actual results of the search, the next step could be to click on the ad and know more about the company’s offered treatments for insomnia.

Google AdSense has been found to be an effective tool in leading users to advertised pages where they find their answers. As well, Google AdSense pays bloggers who allow the appearance of these ad blocks on their pages. But there are other existing alternatives to Google AdSense that you might want to try:

google adsense

Buysellads1. BuySellAds

BuySellAds requires only the submission of your blog for their evaluation then the rest is up to them after approval. What they will assess are your blog statistics which are fetched through different metrics. These include your page’s Alexa ranking and page rank and performance in terms of inbound links. As well, for your blog to be listed as an advertiser of BuySellAds and to be chosen by advertisers thru bidding, your site should have decent and regular traffic coming in.

Chitika2. Chitika

Like AdSense, Chitika is concerned in the placement of relevant ads based on the content presented on your blog. It works by CPC; the more click advertisers get, the more they pay and the more you earn. Chitika earns a portion of your ads income as it plays the “middle man.” Chitikia ads are best recommended to be installed in websites offering product or sales reviews and customers’ testimonials. Their referral program is divided to three parts, namely mobile ads, local ads and search-targeted ads. Minimum amount for payout is at $10. But if you prefer to transfer funds via PayPal, you have to accumulate at least $50 for the payout.

Infolinks3. Infolinks

While not exactly and directly an alternative to Google AdSense, Infolinks is another recommendable advertisement program. It works by displaying ads through the in-line text you have in your blog’s content. Upon publishing your post, it will determine the most relevant text or phrases to insert hyperlinks with. Your aim is to get readers be attracted to click the link without distracting them in the middle of their reading.

Bidvertiser4. Bidvertiser

With Bidvertiser, advertisers look through your available ads slots. Then a bidding process will be followed to determine if they can place their ads to their desired location. It also functions in the form of pay-per-click content-based advertising. Minimum payout through PayPal is $10, while you need to have at least $25 to get payment by check.

adbrite5. Adbrite

Adbrite gives you more freedom in customizing the ad space prices in your blog on a regular basis. This can be weekly or monthly, depending on the approved authority from your advertiser. Moreover, you can select which ads to show up on your blog and even the style according to the format and layout of your site. By far, Adbrite is the most popular competitors of AdSense. Payments are made only by check, and minimum payout is $100.

End Notes

Some bloggers’ applications in creating an AdSense account are rejected for many reasons set by Google. But being disapproved is not the end of the world for you. With these alternatives, you can put up ads on your blog and earn income in likely similar fashion.


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