Top 5 Free Android Security Apps

When it comes to keeping android devices free from security problems, most people tend to go with mobile or tablet versions of security apps they have already used in a PC since they provide a familiar UI, easier navigation and excellent protection for portable devices. But there are also a few apps that have been developed solely for portable Android-based devices which is are also pretty good. Here is a list of some of the 5 best android security apps that are free and provide you with decent basic security.

1. McAfee WaveSecure:

mcafee wavesecure

McAfee is more famous for its firewall protection and virus scans in the full fledged versions that secure PCs but the same capabilities aren’t offered in the McAfee’s WaveSecure app for android. However, the app does come with rather handy data restoration and backup abilities that help users bring their phones back to life after a virus threat. The app also allows users to map and track your device using GPS, wipe key data and remotely lock your phone which is amazing for a free of cost security app.

2. Avast! Mobile Security:

avast mobile security

For the Android platform, the impressive range of tools in Avast! Mobile Security makes the genuinely free app even more appealing. It has an anti-malware Web shield that scans URLs, scans apps for behavior and also offers an antivirus protection. The entire suite of features include amazing and functional goodies like USB debugging, lock down for SIM card, a siren sound, remote lock, locate and wipe, smartphone over SMS all of which are offered within the hidden and comprehensive Theft Aware theft protection solution. For security, you can block network access for specific apps or block access to Wi-Fi to the whole device. To control network traffic, there’s also a firewall and the app has an above 90 percent overall detection rate.

3. Lookout Security & Antivirus:

lookout security antivirus

With an impressive user base, Lookout is one of the earliest entries into the Android security scene which means that it knows a lot more about keeping devices with this OS than the others. The app offers features like scheduled scanning, antivirus, the option to track a lost phone online, activate an alarm and even a locate feature for lost or stolen gadgets. Users can also use the app to backup and restore contacts which makes the completely free version pretty kick ass.

4. Antivirus Free by Creative Apps:

antivirus free


On the Android Market, the Antivirus Free app has its own reference database of known malicious applications that it uses to cross check the results of scanned apps on your device. more than 12,000 users have given it an average rating of 4-1/2 stars and the app has been downloaded in excess of 500,000 times which speaks much how popular the antivirus application is with people who actually use it on a daily basis.

5. Norton Antivirus & Security:

norton antivirus security


In the computer security field, Norton has been a trusted name for years and its security app for android is proving to be just as popular. Even though users often say that the free version of the app has rather limited functionality, it still offers features like remote device locking, password protection, scheduled scan support and anti-virus.


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