Top 5 Ways to Increase the Online Visibility Of Your Website

Everybody wants to have a popular website that can get maximum benefits to the owner. From a corporate web site to a local retailer website try to expand their business through website into the world of e-commerce. For a popular money making website it is necessary to have a good search engine ranking.

So how to get noticed online and increase your website’s popularity? In this article, we will explore 5 most essential strategies to increase a website’s online visibility. After application of these strategies can even make a normal website improve its popularity in just matter of few days.

 1. Choose a Strong Hosting Plan

The first step to get a website is to get a domain name registered in your name. Once you have a domain name the most important part of getting a fully functional website is to choose a hosting plan. Professionals will always advise you to have a specialized blog hosting as it allows you to set up a professional-looking website in a very less time. It is important to have a strong hosting so that your website is able to handle huge traffic.

However, it is not at all easy to find a strong host. Many companies have tricky ways to entice customers in terms of facilities, but are not able to provide even a bit of what they promise. Consider getting associated with a web hosting company that has a strong reputation and experience in the business. For the start, you may begin searching online for Web Hosting Company reviews and other information to help you find the right fit.

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Make sure that the company guarantees you at least 99.9% uptime and what kind of numbers in terms of disc space and bandwidth will you be allowed to use and manage. Some providers may even forbid their clients to upload music or video files to their servers even. So, if you have any plans to add videos or images on your website then make sure you talk about it to your host before buying the plan. Other things to keep in mind while buying a host plan is to ask whether your domain name registry information will be protected and number of e-mail accounts will you be allowed to create and use.

2. Website Optimization

It is very essential to get a high ranking in search engine in order to get popular on the web. To achieve your goal you should learn to make use of search engine optimization (SEO) tool to see immediate benefits. Things to consider to get started with seo is to make sure that you use proper keywords and write content keeping in mind the need of your customers and as well as of search engines.

Once you start getting good number of visitors on daily basis and your content is playing its part. Next step, is start working with link building. It is a most popular and successful way to increase your website’s popularity on search engines. All you need is to simply visit a website and ask the webmaster if they are interested in a link exchange.

3. Interactive tools for visitor Involvement

Make your website interactive for the visitors so that they stay for a longer duration on your website. You can try posting public polls, hold contests for the visitors or write contents with open questions where people can leave their opinions in the form of comments. This will most likely get people talking about your site.

ANother way to get people involved is through posting threads and forums where people can share their experiences, express their own personal ideas and thoughts on topics leave some posts/articles that interest them. This is a great way to hold a visitor since they are likely to return on the web page to see how was their feedback appreciated.

4. Emphasizing on design usability

Consider investing on a good design to attract customers on your website. Colours, themes and images play a very important role to hold back customers. It should be beautiful, attractive and easy to use. You can ask your non-Internet-savvy friends to navigate through your website before launching it at a full scale. If they find it easy to use and interact, so will the other visitors. MAke sure you do not over-do with the designs. Try to use standard coding and avoid over-the-top flash animations.

5. Social Media Optimization

SEO should be an important part of your website optimization since it is one of the strongest marketing tools available today. You should make sure that the content of your articles or blog is relevant to the topic of your website. Each content on your blog should justify the approach of your website. For example, if your website is based on web designing, then most of the content on the blog should feature articles related to web design or social media platforms. Exploring social media platforms such as Facebook and MySpace should be included in your marketing strategies. Build your campaign on a friendly platform so it is easy for you to create and edit the content as and when required.

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