Top 6 Html Conversion Templates

Html codes and templates have been widely used in web designs, blog templates and in designing graphics suited to web sites that have been developed using Html5 or one of html’s numerous program versions. Sometimes, a designer may use a totally different program package to create or store flash files, text files etc and you may want to convert these different file formats to fit your Html blog/site template which brings up the problem of how it can be done, what to use and software tools are available on the web for Html management.

Top 6 HTML Conversion Tools:

On this countdown, we would focus on conversion tools that cover text file conversion, power point file conversion, flash file conversion and image file conversion. Which means our focus would be based on software that can convert the above to Html templates and vise versa.

  • The MarkupBox is more of a website than your traditional software for converting almost all design file types to quality Html and CSS mark ups/codes which can be used on all websites. The quality of these converted files are so good that they can be used on all major browsers without any compatibility issues popping up. The MarkupBox converts PSD files, PNG, JPG, GIF etc to Html files/templates.

html conversion templates

  • The Adobe Wallaby is Adobe’s first foray into the Html conversion industry and this conversion tool has been reviewed as one of the best flash to HTML 5 converter on the web. Its main quality is its speed in converting flash outputs to HTML in a matter of minutes. It is built mainly for Apple’s MAC community for it serves as an avenue to allow Apple smart device users view flash features either on their iPad or iPhones. The Wallaby can also be used to design simple banner ads and 3D animation that are not overtly sophisticated.
  • Image to HTML Converter tool does exactly what its name suggests which is converting images in different file formats to HTML. Its unique because it allows the user convert images to the different versions of HTML or HTML generation available, depending on the choice of the user. The image to HTML tool works on both windows and Mac operating systems and it converts image file types such as; JPNG, PNG, PSD etc.
  • HTML Blender is an easy to use tool for converting your web designs to HTML5 and integrating them into your blogs, website, e-commerce shops and shopping carts. Its mode of operation involves uploading the file needed to be converted onto its platform, followed by selecting your markup options which can be combined with Java effects to get your desired result. It performs HTML conversions on PSD files, CSS files and others.
  • HTML FIRM is an online website that providers users with tools for converting Photo shop designs and different file types to HTML. These conversions are done in such a way that the output HTML templates become compatible with every web browser it is loaded on.
  • PPT2HTML:  This Power point to HTML conversion tool is a free online conversion software that allows users to convert their power point files into HTML for easy integration into web pages and blog posts. The PPT2HTML provides you with inbuilt templates that can be chosen from while also providing you with the choice of customizing your own personal HTML template for conversions. It is an easy to use software which has quite a steep learning curve but if used continuously, the user would have no difficulty with using it to convert bulky power point files.

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