Top Five SEO Marketing Tips

If you maintain a website, whether it be for business or pleasure, you will probably already understand a little bit about SEO and why it is so important to your website’s long-term success. The problem is that starting out on an SEO campaign by yourself can often be a daunting process which may require hundreds of hours of your time to see effective results. What you can do however is learn what you should concentrate on so as to use your time effectively. Here are five top SEO marketing tips that will boost your website’s visibility.

Aim for Realistic Keywords

Yes, everyone wants to hit the biggest and most important keywords, if you run a women’s fashion website for example, ranking well for keywords such as “handbags” and “women’s shoes” is likely to be high up on your SEO wish list. If you’re starting from square one however, that’s likely to be almost impossible. Instead, find out what keywords you already rank for and try to improve them as much as you can. Being on the first page of results for any keyword is likely to bring your site at least some traffic.

Use Google Analytics

If you don’t use Google Analytics already, you should. This free service provides you with a set of in-depth statistics for your webpage that will help your SEO marketing strategy immeasurably. Google Analytics not only tracks how many daily visitors you attract to your site, it also provides you with plenty of charts and graphs to analyse your user’s behaviour, as well as giving you valuable information on how visitors arrived at your site and what keywords people use to find you on search engines.

Link Build Like Crazy

Links are worth their weight in gold in SEO terms; search engines will treat them like votes, where every link back to your site is a confirmation of its status as a quality source. You should do whatever you can to secure links from other sites back to your own. A good way of doing this is by offering to write guest posts for other sites. In turn, a webmaster will usually offer a link to your site, meaning everybody benefits from the deal.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Social media is becoming an increasingly important channel for your SEO efforts and you need to raise your presence on these sites if you’re serious about optimising your website. Millions of people browse social media site every day, so the potential audience for you to aim at is absolutely huge. Better yet, it’s likely that your social media pages will be given more favourable rankings by search engines and this kind of improved visibility is always worth having.

Get Yourself Noticed by Search Engines

Unless you’re proactive in the first place, major search engines may not even know that your site exists. You will need to compile an XML sitemap and submit it to the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This will alert web crawlers that they need to cover your site. Webcrawlers are computer programs which will index the pages on your site to allow them to compile search results quickly and conveniently, if web crawlers do not monitor your site, search engines will not know what content is present there.

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