Top Five Things That You Can Do To Gain More Twitter Followers

Marketing your business on Twitter is a great way spread it out there. Twitter is becoming more and more popular with time, which means that you’d be really missing out if you didn’t choose Twitter as a way to market your business. However, what good is marketing on Twitter without having any followers? You need to have followers on Twitter in order to gain more potential clients for your business.

Here are the top five things that you can do to gain followers for your business Twitter account!

1. Upload a Brilliant Picture

Your picture is one of the first things that people will see, depending on the post that you make, of course. The picture that you upload needs to present your business in a positive and strong way. It could be your logo spruced up a bit. Alternatively, it could be something else that gives off the true meaning of your business and services. Since you are creating a Twitter profile for your business, you probably don’t want to use a picture of yourself. Give your potential clients a wonderful first impression about your business by catching their eyes with a great picture.

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2. Get Verified

If your online business is well-known, you can get verified so that there aren’t other people who try to create fake versions of your business. When you become verified, the word about you will spread more quickly and you will get followers quickly. On the day that Charlie Sheen became verified, he got over 200,000 followers! The sooner that you become verified, the faster you will get more followers.

3. Always Reply in Public

There are ways that you can reply to people privately, but this will make you seem unsocial and people won’t see who you and what type of business you are; try to reply publicly more often! This will surely get you noticed more as both the people who follow you and the other person you are talking to can see what you are saying. The people that follow the other person and see the conversation could think that you are interesting and follow you. It is sociable and it doesn’t annoy anyone.

4. Tweet Re-tweetable Tweets!

You should keep your tweets short and to the point so that others can retweet them. When someone retweets something you post, more people sees it. This means that anyone could see something you say and may think it’s interesting  increasing your chances of being followed. However, when you post something that is long, nobody will want to take the time to read it. You want to keep it short enough so that others can add the RT symbol along with your user name. Figure out how many characters that would take and then always keep your tweets with at least that much space left. You can only use 140 characters in a tweet, remember that!

5. Don’t Over-Promote Yourself

Yes that is possible! The more you say “Hey, come do business with me!” the more annoyed people will become. If you seem like spam, nobody will follow you. It’s great to promote something new about your business or your business blog, but remember to keep it simple and occasional. You won’t get any new followers and you will be chased away any current followers that you do have. Someone will surely unfollow you if every post is telling them to do something for your business.

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