Top iPad and iPhone Apps for Every Writer on the Go

Having a device that could assist you in writing even when you’re not in the office is one thing that every writer desires. Among those that you can count on when it comes to this matter are the iPads and iPhones.  These gadgets are extremely useful considering the functions that are accessible and usable on the go. They’ve got some very great applications with functionalities that are super helpful for writers.

To get started on using a few of those applications, get to know those that are considered the best. By doing so, you will have an idea on which application you should invest. This will help you figure out which programs are worth a buy. Keep in mind that there are certain software apps, which may not be able to provide you with your needs.

The Best iPad and iPhone Apps

ipad and iphone apps

Pages is considered as the best work processing software for iPads. It features templates, formatting, layout options and many more. This is a perfect program for writers, who always have some writing to do even when they are outside the office. Pages is easy to use and manage. It even enables you to transfer a document to another device when needed. You can have pages for $9.99.

Next to Pages is the Writing Nook, which is incredibly practical for writers on the move. With this software, writers can do their task without any distraction. It generates a perfect writing setting that would absolutely support the creation of great outputs. Features of this application include word count, thesaurus, various font size options and spell check. The Writing Nook will only cost you $4.99.

Other Apps that are Proven Effective and Reliable

If you want to use other applications besides Pages and the Writing Nook, you can try having the Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus. Writers may use this program to get the right words to use or find out about the exact meaning of a particular word. This application is very convenient to use as it does not require an internet connection. You can bring this to anywhere you go and can directly get access to it. For only $0.99, you can start to enjoy its fantastic features.

Writers are often into writing on scraps of paper or anything to write on that comes out of their pockets or bags. The problem with these is that these things could disappear. Once they’re gone, they might not be able to remember the ideas that they should supposedly work on. To avoid this risk, they should use the Notably app. It’s designed to keep their ideas or preliminary work safe and secure. Their initial notes will be saved electronically using this software. Notes stored through Notably can be instantly accessed or forwarded through email. Any writer can have this application for merely $2.99.

Before you choose any of the best applications for writers on the go, you should look into your needs first. This step will help you identify which ones would really help you obtain your desired results and satisfy you the most.

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