Types Of Computers Available In Market

Computer Types

There are a number of options to choose the computer in today’s computer and technology market. Today, computers are of different sizes and styles. Today’s computers are a way they fit people with different needs and requirements. Apart from the first desktop and notebook computers, there are other types of computers on the market. Notebooks and Tablet PCs are now available, and a number of people use them for different purposes.


Like laptops and small laptops are designed primarily for travel. They are smaller and lighter than standard laptops compared. Netbooks are not included in the DVD or CD player and storage space is less. Laptops requires less processing power and are relatively cheap. Laptops basic computer operations such as word processing and surfing the web. Coming on laptops, they are intended solely for placement on the knees of a person. What a different laptop from a desktop computer is the size, structure and mobility. Although laptops are mobile devices, they are not intended for travel. However, laptops are more convenient than desktop PCs.

Convertible Tablet PCs and laptops

types of computers

A tablet is a compact single screen. Instead of the traditional keyboard touch desktop and laptop, tablet with a stylus or your finger. the general use of tablet PCs have the media play, send an e-mail, read among other uses. The tablets are available in two models, namely, convertible and slate tablets. On the other hand, a convertible notebook is similar to a Tablet PC. The keyboard of the convertible notebook can be folded to a tablet touch screen. It lets you use a pen or a touch screen.

Laptop vs. Desktop

A desktop computer is mainly concentrated in one position. The size and components of a desktop computer does not allow easy movement. However, the system is a desktop, stronger and more powerful than a laptop. Laptops are portable and convenient than desktop computers, but upgrade the portable equipment nearly impossible.

Tablet PC Vs Laptop

The main advantage of a tablet on a laptop is its weight. The tablets are light, and you can use while walking rather than laptops, you sit at work to ask them. The tablets are useful when you’re in a conference because they can be fixed. In today’s market of laptop, there are tablet PCs, tablets are at the base, but a keyboard and mouse attached to them. They can be vertical and a laptop traditional style or use it as a tablet.


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