Unfurl The Knot of Your Creative Block

How often have you wished to put the world on fire, throw all the books in your room out of the window, scream till your lungs explode, smash your monitor screen and crumble your keyboard like a piece of paper???  Very often I believe, especially if you are a passionate and regular writer. 

You have maintained personal diaries since childhood, been a member of school and college publication society, have scribbled down every special occasion of your life, you very well know what a creative block is! You so want to light a lamp in that phase of extensive obscurity. When you stare at the blank paper or monitor screen for prolonged hours and all you can see are these four words ‘what do I write? ‘

When such a time comes a writer’s self motivation in literal meanings goes down the drains. There are numerous reasons for this creative barrier that comes like a zombie in front of you restricting you from advancing. The few obvious ones are:

Creative Block


  • You are not in the perfect mood, you had a bad day on the whole and your concentration keeps on slipping from time to time.
  • You are so used to being writing insa familiar pattern, viewing things from a monotonous perspective, it’s difficult for you to switch.
  • The topic does not interest you, or it’s something you are not comfortable writing on.
  • Your daily schedule is a mess, you don’t get much time, when you do you have incomplete tasks lined up.
  • You are afraid of criticism. You cannot write because you are afraid of others response to your content.
  • You have become the biggest enemy of your health, surviving on junk for long hours and getting very little sleep won’t help. You need some physical exercise to fertile your creativity neurons with blood.
  • Finally you have a habit of following the same old conventional format of writing, if introduction basket is not attracting ideas from your head, leave it for a while, and begin with something that interests you!

The next argument is: how to overcome the creative block?



If you have failed to write for the past two to three hours, your waste basket is overflowing with balled up papers, and your mind has a big time traffic jam, all you need is ‘a break’ . Take a deep breath and take out some ‘you’ time. Go for a long quiet walk, cook yourself something special, call in old pals and go out for a movie or probably some long fun drive, go play your favorite sport, watch a TV show with dim lights and your fluffy pet in lap or anything that makes you happy. The core idea is to not burden your mind with intolerable pressures. If the assignment is due some date very near, then the best strategy is to start with the part you think you have a lot to write on, forget about the sequence.

Creative block does not by any chance mean that your writing skills have collapsed. It means that ideas are facing a bottleneck. The cosmos is full of sparkling and fresh concepts. If you restrict your territories of mind they will never see beyond the unusual, innovations will never pave in. Make sure you have a small notebook with you wherever you go, some crazy idea might pop up in your head when you are gardening, travelling in a bus, shopping, cooking, beaching, surfing or even sleeping! The last one may sound very bogus but your sub conscious has lovely ideas. They appear like shimmering mirages in dreams only.

See, your passion to write will never fade away, even if it takes you a hundred hours to write as per your expectations, never put your guns down, you will end up at some time soon with simply fabulous content…

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