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Google experiment is the latest web based tools collection for the development of wonderful applications and websites. It is product of recent research work by professional programmers and designers. These works are very relevant for effective website development. However, most tools made available by Google experiments are not adequate for the development of websites but some are also adequate and in fact very effective. This article discusses tools available in Google stores as a result of Google experiments that can be used in aiding effective website development and design.

Paint Brush:

Paint brush is a very wonderful tool made available by Google experiment. This tool is used as its name implies in making quality paints. In this case, it functions in the same way as the paint too available in operating systems. However, paint brush is much more effective than the ordinary paint tool. It can be used to make impression of actual paint brush and brush stroke. Color and shape of your work can be changed with the aid of the paint brush. This tool is simple but can be used in creating a wonderful work of art.


Harmony is a very wonderful tool made available by Google experiment. It can be used to produce wonderful patterns. The tool is used in making sketch like patterns such as metallic shaded patterns, fur-like patterns and lots more. Harmony tools can also be produced using design software such as Photoshop and lots more.

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This is a toy tool that can be used to create random pattern. Although it is a toy, yet Bomomo becomes a very powerful tool in the hand of professionals. In Bomomo, random patterns can be created using a selection of 20 different pattern brushes. It is very effective in producing wonderful effects.

Flower Power:

Flower power is a wonderful tool that can be used in creating multiple colors. It has a single brush type that can be used in producing multi-colored patterns. The size, variety and curve of the flower can be changed to produce any kind of effect that you want.

Neon Flames:

Neon Flames is a very attractive and wonderful color generating pattern. This wonderful tool can be used in creating wonderful backgrounds, banners and lots more. This tool can be used in making your work look so wonderful and inviting. You can define the background of your website and make it look attracting.


Silk is a very wonderful tool that can be used in creating a powerful work of art. This tool can be used in making custom and beautiful backgrounds or wallpapers. Color and pattern symmetry can be customized with the aid of silk to produce powerful designs.


Voxel is a wonderful 3 dimensional tool that can be used in producing PNG pictures. However, this tool produces building block like patterns and that is the limitation it has. Voxel is a very charming tool that can be effectively used by architects, designers and professionals to produce wonderful effects. These Google tools would produce wonderful effects in your website.

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