Valentine’s Day Social Media Campaigns From Around The World

With the occasion of Valentine’s Day, one of the most important unofficial holidays in the world, many companies and social network offer different discounts, gift and cards. The event is so popular in some counties, that major companies prepare this event for weeks, with social media campaign and with a solid marketing campaign both in the online and offline environment.

The websites that offer handmade gifts are active on social networks during this period. The handmade products are wanted by people for this period, as they are unique and special. This is why those websites offer discounts and special offers, which are promoted on social networks. If you want to make an interesting gift to the one you love, subscribe to the Facebook and Twitter pages of those companies, and discover the great offers that they have for you.

On the other hand, you might want to create the Valentine gift with your own hands. This is possible also, as long as you have the imagination for this. However, you will also need support, which can be obtained from social networks. Hundreds of artisans and hand manufacturers post their creations on social networks, so you could easily inspire for your gift. Moreover, there are the specialized websites where you could see how a certain object is made, so you would have your special gift ready in the shortest time possible.

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The social networks are also great places where you can find greeting cards for this special day. Although Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, it is also a day that celebrates love. Therefore, you can think about sending greeting cards and interesting texts to the ones you love. The social networks promote hundreds of such websites, from where you can download cards, or from where you can even customize your card. After all, you are looking for something special, and you want the receiver of the card to feel unique.

The online greeting card replaced the traditional and boring SMS, but the mobile phone is still the main device that you would use to send greetings for this special day. Use the programs that are available in Google Play and in App Store to buy a program of this kind, which can be used to create greeting cards, but also to send those on social networks.

Around Valentine’s Day, women are usually on a shopping spree, and even if you, as a man, don’t approve this, as it is ruining the family’s budget, you will have to make an exception of a few days. Moreover, you can find special discounts and coupons online, which can be used as virtual gifts. Your wife would surely appreciate a discount card of 100$ on a virtual store that she likes, and you will also be satisfied because you would save some money this way.

The social networks are an integrated part of Valentine’s Day in the modern world, and you should not neglect the power of those channels. It would be a lot more pleasant to spend this memorable day both in your real life, and in this virtual and pleasant environment.

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