Violent Content on Social Media: Necessary?

A few weeks ago, CTV News previewed the video clip of Hilary Adams being beaten with a belt by her father. Although the video was filmed seven years ago, it was still horrifying to watch. The worst part about the beating is that the abuser is a judge who presides over child abuse cases. I would like to think that someone of that caliber would know how to better deal with his anger. I would, in fact, like to think that anyone–regardless of socioeconomic status–would realize that violence accomplishes nothing, but creates more pain.

Is posting videos that display violent content on networking sites really necessary? This is the question that has plagued my mind since I watched that disturbing video on CTV News. The answer to this question is yes and no. Some people post such videos as a prank, just to be fun. They glorify their violent behavior, yet they do not stop to think about the pain that they have caused the person who they have assaulted. Seldom do they even care about the victim. Such people will justify their actions to save face or as a means to deal with the guilt that eats them on the inside. The people on the receiving end of the violence live with eternal grief and humiliation, having to relive that terrifying moment time and again with no recourse.

Yet, on the other hand, there are those brave individuals, like Hilary who will post videos–videos showing them being assaulted by a parent, spouse or by a group of peers–on YouTube as a cry for help. These are the people who will not speak up for fear of what their bully will do to them if they do. They could also be the kind of people who genuinely do not have a trustworthy friend or relative who they can turn to for help. So, they live in silence until they can no longer deal with the pain inside of them. That is when they turn to the internet. In their desperation for help and consolation, they post their videos, articles, and/or photos with the hope that someone will listen and take action.

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In these cases it is necessary to post videos that display violent content on social networking sites. We need to know about the cruelty that is inflicted upon humans and on animals at the hands of humans and we must take action against violent behavior when we see it. We also need to establish a safe haven for victims of abuse, a place where they can seek support.

That is the one positive thing about internet. It has allowed us to become more aware of the negativity that happens in our society and it has forced thousands of people to take action against it. Hopefully, we can continue on in that direction.

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