Ways to cope when you return home after holidays

After a long vacation, to get back to routine can be quiet boring. Many of us get this feeling of blue or find it too difficult to get back to routine. This holiday depression can be difficult to tackle with especially after long holiday.

This kind of depression in medical words is termed as mental distress. It usually comes after spending a great time and all of a sudden getting back to the boring routine. For this you don’t have to visit any psychiatric. This article is perfect to solve your problem. To experience blues is one common problem which means to deal with daily life stress. Below are some tips that can help you to deal with such problems and get you back to routine.

If you have garden, then start focusing on it. It must be that you did not take a look on your garden for long. For this try giving some time to your plant buddies or shower them. Do it in morning, so that at least start of your day will be pleasant.

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Try to be more around other people. If you be alone, this blues will affect you more. To be with people might be something you must be missing which you might have enjoyed during your holidays. Hence try not to be alone. Raise your spirits by staying connected with your friends and family. Keep yourself busy in some or the other activities where you can talk with people.

Daily exercise not only keeps you physically fit but also helps in mental stability. It is the best way to avoid the depression feeling which you get after holidays. Try to go for exercise everyday and avoid making reasons like tiredness or bad weather. If you cannot hit a gym, then go for a morning walk or jogging. This will boost up your mood. There are other options of exercise like hiking, cycling, swimming which are proved to be ideal mood lifters.

Shopping is the best way to uplift your mood. Look for some company and go to mall and shop more. You will surely spend a great time in shopping.

You must look for the activities which can keep you busy whole time. Being alone will make you feel more depressed. Try to get involved in something that can keep your interest for long. May be a dance class, learning swimming or going for movies with your best buddies is surely a good idea.

If its winter time, then look for new clothes on to experience the heat you miss. Enjoy the season, by trying out good winter dishes which you like the most.

If you love eating, then do that. However, eating doesn’t mean that you have to go with junk food. Try to eat something that is healthy and good. Eating somehow helps to uplift your mood and boost up your energy. Tryptophan is one chemical that balances your mood. Foods like poultry, peas, banana and dairy produce are good have tryptophan which can be effective.

Sports or games can also help. Engage yourself in game or sports like badminton, tennis, cricket which can help you burn calories and at the same time it will keep you away from depression feeling.

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