Ways to Use Visitor Intelligence in SEO & Marketing

When it comes to making a website successful, visitors play a very important role in that process. The success rate of a website can be well calculated by the number of visitors opening a company’s web page on a regular basis. In order to make a website successful, one must know his/her customers well so as to provide them with hundred percent satisfaction. This can be done through gaining an understanding of customers and visitor intelligence is one such thing which imparts you the knowledge of how to keep your customers happy.

Visitor intelligence can be defined as a process through which one can know about his website visitors through the information provided by them and analysing it to know their specifications and attitude.Through visitor intelligence one can gain a good deal of knowledge about their customers and provide them with criteria of interest. There are some ways in which you can make use of visitor intelligence to enhance your website according to their likeness.

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Through visitor intelligence, which helps in making a ranking system clear, you can gain a better understanding of your visitors. Irrespective of being in the support system team, sales or marketing team, it helps in making you understand the value of each and every visitor coming to your site. Also it helps in the calculation of which keywords, pages and links are important and which are useless apart from helping in the generation of lead.

Secondly, visitor intelligence gives you a greater understanding of your site visitors. An efficient intelligence system should always include behavioral, demographic, and social as well as firmographic data like type of industry, size of the company, job title, referring keywords, website visits, social networking profile and other things. In order to enable this usage, you need to go through the visitor history and the numerous visit attributes like first touch, tipping point and last touch. Through this you will gain an in-depth knowledge about your visitors’ activities.

Another very important and tough task that visitor intelligence performs is that it acts as a great helping hand in the building of relationships with customers/visitors. It acts as a limitation in case you are crossing your limits with some prospective buyers. It is quite natural for anyone to get carried away while finalizing an important deal but try and keep yourself from appearing too desperate about selling it off. Relationship is one such thing which forms the core of building a successful business. By keeping a good note about the interests of your visitors you can certainly form a great and long lasting relationship with them without appearing to be pushy or annoying to them.

The next thing through which you can make use of visitor intelligence is that you can have a look at the visit history of a particular visitor and plan to approach him/her for any type of sale in a more organized and effective manner. By using the data collected by your system, you can give a particular score to your visitors and leads to enable the priority-wise list of new leads. Through this way, you will know which group of people has come through which keyword and ultimately that will help the sales team in following up with prospective buyers.

Before the existence of visitor intelligence and scoring system, there wasn’t any standard method to evaluate a visitor’s state and lead. But since the emergence of this technology and scoring system, you can evaluate the lead from various angles, which will help you in making successful business strategies depending on your visitor base.

With the help of visitor intelligence, you can get a better understanding of what type of marketing strategy is working well for your site. It will also help you in knowing about which of your keywords are bringing in traffic and which ones are marketing qualified leads. In order to bring out the maximum from your visitor intelligence system, you should keep on refining and repeating your marketing strategies.

Lastly, visitor intelligence will give you access to vast amounts of data. This data will help you in observing the performance of your keywords as well as your efforts in the SEO field. Both these elements form a very important part in the establishment of a successful website and hence you should take them
very seriously.

Visitor intelligence is one such thing which helps you in understanding the nature of your visitors and makes suitable changes which optimize the web traffic on your site. Thus it is an important tool which must be taken care of to make out the maximum from it.

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