What does the Future hold for Cloud Hosting?

Recent years have seen a rapid growth in the outsourcing of IT services and networks via cloud hosting and this trend shows no sign of abating soon.The future is bright for cloud computing as it looks to become an even more popular part of business’ IT strategies as well as making new advances in the personal computing and mobile markets.

What is next for cloud hosting?

Cloud computing will continue to offer businesses of all sizes excellent IT service options. Since the recession began, more and more people are going self-employed or setting up their own small business and cloud hosting allows them to use web hosting and IT services without having expensive initial start-up costs.

Personal computer users are beginning to recognize the benefits of using their own cloud to store files too. Physical hard drives are starting to be less popular as the public enjoy the benefits of being able to store all of their photos, music and work files in a loud service that they can access from anywhere.

cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is allowing computers to become smaller because users no longer need as much storage space, so we can expect to see even slimmer desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones in the near future. The popularity of Apples’ cloud service has already allowed them to introduce slimmer iPhones and iPads as their tech-savvy users begin to access their music and files via the cloud.

Everyone will be able to benefit from centralized data that is stored via clouds too as businesses and government bodies make good use of cloud hosting’s advantages and start to store large collections of data in this way.

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Waving goodbye to the fake cloud hosts

As cloud hosting has increased in popularity, companies falsely claiming to be cloud providers have also appeared. The rise of these fake cloud hosts has proved to be confusing for companies who look to incorporate cloud hosting as part of their business and a recent survey found that 85 per cent of firms are frustrated by being contacted by normal hosting firms who have simply added the word cloud to the title.

Whenever something becomes popular, substandard companies will always try to jump on the bandwagon, but the good news is that it does not take long for the public to become clued up and learn how to spot the real businesses from the fake ones.

Now that cloud hosting has been around a few years, businesses are beginning to know what to expect and the ones that have been scammed in the past certainly won’t be caught out again.

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Anyone who is unsure if a cloud provider is the real deal simply needs to ask plenty of questions rather than falling for a salesperson’s hype. They should also go away and do some research no matter how insistent the salesman is about signing up right away – chances are that if he is that insistent, the firm is not such a great one anyway.

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