What does Twitter Think of Facebook?

Well, the people at Twitter think that Facebook’s time as the flagship of social media is over. Some critics criticize Twitter of being a “Facebook wannabe” and say that there can be no social networking website which can even be compared with Facebook. Facebook has dominated all other social networks for a long time now and many people have now come to think that it’s time is up. The people at Twitter are making tweaks and major changes to make Twitter into the new Facebook, only better.

A look at Facebook’s ongoing reign

February 4, 2004- the date that went down in history as the day the face of social media changed forever. This date marks the creation of Facebook. Yes, the same Facebook that has been the flagship for social media. There have been many attempts to dethrone Facebook from this post but all have failed and with that in mind, the creators of Twitter have set on a path of their own to take this post away from Facebook. Facebook has managed to hold on to that place for 8 years successfully now and is not looking to lose it. Critics are with Facebook on this one and they to believe that it will be extremely hard for Twitter o take Facebook’s place.

What does Twitter think of Facebook?

twitter vs facebook

The people at Twitter appreciate and respect their opposition but also say that Facebook’s time is up and that Facebook is counting its last days. They think that people are bored out of Facebook and that Facebook has become overly populated, which, is not false. Another fact about Twitter that can help it in its path to dethrone Facebook is that real life celebrities use Twitter whereas you can only find fake accounts and pages for superstars on Facebook.

Does Twitter have any edges over Facebook?

Yes, it does, it does have many, many edges over Facebook but the only reason Facebook is still at the top is because social media pundits respect it and it is “perfect” in their opinion. Also, Facebook has a huge fan following.

What edges does Twitter have over it opponent?

Twitter has numerous edges over its opponent some of which are listed below:

  • Twitter is used by a lot less people than Facebook which means that it is not over-populated and cramped up.

  • Twitter does not have any such benefits for which people need to make various fake accounts to obtain unlike Facebook.

  • Twitter has a better, future like UI.

  • Twitter is very user friendly.

  • Real live celebrities use Twitter which is a great edge and this also means that it is better than Facebook which is cramped up with fake celebrity accounts and pages.

What Twitter has done

Twitter has tried to make the user experience as pleasing as possible to the users. It has added “pages” like Facebook for businesses or organizations like WWE, Coca Cola and NFL, only cleaner and tidier. Twitter updates every once in a while and makes the viewing and using experience the best.


All in all, Twitter has potential, a lot of potential, but at the end, fans are what matters and Facebook has all the fans. I believe that Twitter certainly has a shot at this, but I don’t know when Twitter will succeed. Facebook certainly has juiced left in it and will continue its reign, but no one knows what’s going to happen.


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