What Is The Difference Between Disc Space And Database?

Disc space and database are two very important concepts in computer technology. Software users and programmers ought to be very conversant with the meaning of the both terms in order to effectively work with their programs. This article discusses the difference between these two important concepts in order for you to know where both apply.

Disc space explained:

Disc space is simply the amount of storage space that is present in a device which uses random access memory. Examples of such devices include hard drives, floppy drive and USB flash drive. The unit of measuring disc space is bit but multiples of bits result to byte. This is why the common unit used in the measurement of disc space is bytes; however, higher units of bytes also exist which include kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and tetra bytes  These higher units are of the order of 103 of their preceding units. For instance one kilobyte is 103 bytes and one megabyte is 103 kilobytes and so on.

However, in more accurate measurement, each unit is 1024 times higher than the other. The 103 multiple is only an approximate value of the real thing involved. Disc space is also known as storage space but the name “disc space” has not completely gone out of the computer world even though that storage devices are no longer shaped in the form of disks.


disk space

Database is another important concept in the field of computing. It involves the collection of data in a structured pattern and its arrangement in ordered form. Database and database system are used by lots of multinational companies in the management and organization of their data. In web based applications, database is also used in structural organization of data for easy access by web users.

  • Database and Database management system

It is very important to understand that database and database management system are not the same. However, database management system involves the management of data to some high level of quality. Usually the quality measurement in database measurement systems (DBMS) is based on the parameters of accuracy, usability, availability and resilience.

  • Database on the other hand has to do with data and its supporting structure. It also has to do with the most wonderful way of presenting the data to the audience in order to ensure easy readability and appropriate usability.

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Database and disc space:

Having understood what disc space and database are, it is important to know how the both concept relate. Database and database management systems function under the platform of the random access memory and therefore require disc space. It is important to know that disc space is set aside in every computer system for virtual memory.

The above definition can also connote that disc space refer to any provision made for the storing of information in a database file. The amount of disc space occupied by database depends largely on the quality and quantity of information which the database contains. In conclusion, both disc space and database are necessary in many fields of computer science.


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