What is The Fate Of My Computer After I Discard it?

This is the question that bothers many of us at times. Being busy with our lives, there is little time for us to go exploring or tracking down our old computer that we thrown away. But we are curious anyway to know about its final home. Usually, discarded computers are not lucky enough to have a home! They are collected together by the big boys of the business and recycled. This process was unheard of till a few years back. Now with the world turning its attention to ‘green’ values, dealing with discarded electronics equipment is now a norm.

The discarded computers from first world countries like USA and UK and exported to the third world centers for metal to be extracted from the debris. There are hundreds of metal scavengers in these countries waiting to rip apart your computer and take out as much of metal that they can. This metal is subsequently used for other purposes. This procedure of removing junk equipment is not much talked about because of obvious uncomfortable questions. However, it is no secret that this process is very much up there as a way to deal with discarded computers, especially from the first world countries.

The computer that you throw away may hit the sweet spot of luck by being adopted by someone who needs it! This is the most desired end that you want your computer to have! Discarded computers can bring a lot of joy and hope to the lives of underprivileged and orphan children. They can put your old computer to good use. If you want that to happen to your old computer, you can program it. All you have to do is make an effort to find someone who will adopt your computer after you have thrown it out. Giving away an old computer to someone demands certain steps to be carried out before you part with your computer.

discarded computers

In fact, you need to carry out these safety precautions even if you intend to use a dumpster for your old computer! Before parting with it, take a backup of the data, no matter how unwanted they seem to you. More often than not, you feel the requirement of some files right after you erase them! After you take the backup, you have to get rid of the residual files and folders on your hard disk. Deleting is not an option. That will not complete do away with your files. Instead, format your hard disk. You can also keep the hard disk and discard the rest.

Giving away your computer is a much better option than selling it to supposed ‘green’ companies that promise to recycle your computer. That is usually an eye-wash! These companies sell away the junk to the highest bidder and then export them out of the country. It is true that the environment threat goes away from your country into another’s! That is hardly something that you want. Find a home for your old computer and you will feel at peace with yourself.


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