What SEO and Hard Copy Have In Common- High Value to Customers

The real value of business media can be described in two words- Information content. Whether it’s net content or hard copy, the bottom line is quality. Interestingly, the same principles that drive search engine optimization are also the best options for hard copy. It’s a basic marketing principle, in fact- Organizing the information to appeal to customer interest.

It’s also the principle upon which SEO is based. SEO terms are the best search options for a particular subject. They’re the logical basis of searching for a product. If you’re looking for Sony cameras, for example, you’ve got the two words “Sony cameras” as the natural search terms. In hard copy, the natural heading to get customer interest is also “Sony cameras”.

Developing the SEO approach in hard copy

It’s also important to recognize that people’s interest in a product or information involves specific areas of interest. SEO terminology goes further than these basics, and so does hard copy. There are related search terms and other areas of interest for customers. For a subject like “Sony cameras”, there are some natural associations of other subjects and related subjects:

  • Sony camera accessories
  • Sony digital camera lenses
  • Digital cameras
  • Waterproof cameras
  • Digital SLR cameras

As you can see, these are natural business issues as well. In hard copy form, your message about the Sony cameras needs to provide the visual equivalent of SEO, using headings and standout text. The additional SEO terms would also be good headings for readers.

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The “value factor”- What’s worth reading for customers?

The value of information to customers is the core driver of both web content and hard copy. There’s a thing called “the business card effect” which describes the information issues and values. A business card is a whole document of information in a very simple form.

Your business card will list:

  • Your name
  • Your line(s) of business
  • Contact details
  • Relevant services
  • Additional business information

Business card printing has become a major industry purely on the basis of these very fundamental and very useful pieces of information. The value of the information is obvious. The business card is in effect a mini-billboard highlighting specific information of use to the reader.

That principle applies to any type of hard copy. It’s quite easy to a quality control check on your hard copy using SEO principles, too.

A good example of information value is a user manual for your electronics:

  • What does that hard copy tell you?
  • Is it easy to find what you want?
  • What doesn’t it tell you, that you need to know?

You can apply these basic principles to the additional information you need and hard copy layout, too:

  • Can you find the information you need about your equipment easily?
  • Is the information addressing things you’d expect to know?
  • Is the information logically set out and easy to understand?

These are the real values to the reader of your hard copy. If you’re preparing hard copy, think about your content and put yourself in the reader’s position.

Important- Your printing services will be able to help with formatting, print quality, layout and design of your information.

Good hard copy is high value information, as useful as SEO to customers. Follow these principles, and you’ll get great hard copy.

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